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The Field Strength Meters are specially intended for FM bugs and it is able to identify very low power transmitters with higher outputs. The RF Field Strength Meters are able to measure RF levels and electric field strength. This device is used to measure the high and very low frequency. It’s fully rewarded frequency response allows an informative measurement results. It detects weak signals and basic range analyzer functionality. The 2640 model is user-friendly interface combined with convenient presets such as predefined filter settings and other special functions and it is commonly used in analog communication system. Its 2640 model provides gainful measurement devices for basic signal studies at a part of the cost of a full-featured straight scale of meter.

For field testing, installation and maintenance of mobile telecommunication system, The RF Field Strength Meter is an ideal handheld tool. It also performs antenna site measurement and maintenance for cellular and cordless phones, paging cable, CB paging, and satellite TV system. There are 3 types of Field Strength Meter such as FSM series, 3201 field analyzer and 3290 field analyzer.

The FSM series is ideal for mapping of radio system including analog and digital system, measurement of antenna performance of two way radio or cellular phone and direction finding using a directional antenna. The 3201 field analyzer covers the 100kHz – 2060MHz frequency range in one unit and the 3290 field analyzer covers the100kHz – 2900MHz frequency range in one unit.

Features of Field Strength Meter:- Hand-held and battery operated portability. Measurement range from 100 kHz to 2 GHz with a maximum display length of 400MHz. Built-in 2 GHz frequency counters. Detects wide band (180kHz) and narrow band FM (12.5kHz), AM and SSB (2.4kHz) signals. Audio output of the detected signal with built-in speaker Removable antenna Phase-locked loop for accurate frequency tuning. Back-lit display Storable setups and displays RS-232 Interface.

The accuracy model of Field Strength Meter includes software that can control the tool from a PC and for further analysis a user can save the data of tool’s measurement on the PC. This device can be used for many reasons but while using u have to follow some instructions. Turn it on by placing the Field Strength Meter in horizontal position for maximum level of sensitivity. Always use coaxial cable to connect the device and set maximum sensitivity. Select the option depending on what you wish to measure and check, so you will get the stronger signal.

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