Milton H Erickson's self-hypnosis and embarrassing experience

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Milton H. Erickson provided us with several truths about how hypnotherapy is incomplete without sputum induction. He assumes that no matter how much a subject is willing to enter a state of deep paralysis; if the hypnotist does not have the necessary tools to begin treatment, it will not help. In order for the hypnotist to cause paralysis, he must first recognize the symptoms of paralysis.

Eriksson is very open to self-hypnosis experiences in self-treatment and pain management. One of the radical suggestions he made during his career was that it was good to actually slap a subject during a meeting. His reasoning for this somewhat unconventional method stems from the fact that when a person is in a state of paralysis; he can not only perceive his unconscious emotions and thoughts, but also the emotions and thoughts of others. However, its popularity continues to grow, and many hypnotherapists have incorporated this ideology into their conversations with subjects.

Milton H. Erickson hypothesized that some indicators can determine that a person is in a state of paralysis. He also proposed the stage of individual induction from sputum to deep hypnosis. A key indicator of sputum is age regression. Many hypnotic therapies allow the subject to return at some stage or age in the past. Subjects change their behavior and reactions by taking the same behavior at the stage of their lives.

Milton H. Erickson believes that the return cannot be manifested or forged. Especially when a hypnotist can establish a patient's behavior based on his or her medical history. If the patient shows a regression, even if he does not regress, then stupid or naive action will be embarrassing and humiliating. This means that regression can be used from the unconscious; critical behaviors such as anxiety, nervousness, humiliation and jealousy can never be expressed, because these actions can only be recognized and acted in the unconscious mind. Another indicator is anesthesia, a state of loss of sensation due to shifting from conscious function to introspection. This can be attributed to the relaxed state caused by sputum during hypnosis. This person will now pay more attention to the unconscious rather than the external stimuli around him. Anesthesia does not translate into disorientation over time and place. It simply allows the patient to focus on the hypnotist's advice and the changes he will make through his unconsciousness.

According to Milton H. Erickson, the last indicator is tonic fainting; a state in which a person's feelings are suspended, muscle stiffness, and a fixed posture. This happens when a person is in a state of deep paralysis and is more likely to accept suggestions for changing behavioral responses. The catalepsy can be manipulated by advice. The hypnotist can suggest that a person drop a hand suspended in the air or close the eye as a patient or open them.

A series of questions should be the process of the hypnotist from relaxation to deep shackles. These questions are patterned according to the state of the patient. Successful advice should be based on whether a person will accept or reject the effects of a hypnotist. It should be remembered that practitioners should work with the resistance rather than against them, as the progress of deepening will not be disturbed.

According to Milton H. Erickson, the key to rapid hypnosis induction is to work with patients, not the other way around. The proposed flexibility is a necessary condition for rapid development of the transition, and it is also important to note that working at the speed of the patient is more important for achieving promising results.

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