Mike Dechaine vs Earl Strickland at the 2013 Super Billiards Expo

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  1. Kevin Arnold Kevin Arnold

    what kinda stick does earl shoot with?

  2. Shane Porter Shane Porter

    I like that mike tried to say "how did the 1 go right to rail if you didnt hit it first" only reason it went there was cuz it went off the 5 and got pushed there dumb fat fuck lol

  3. patstarz patstarz

    who else hates watching johnny? i like it when he misses

  4. Charles Yarber Charles Yarber

    Mike loves rubbing the sweat on the rail cloth !!!

  5. Jeff Rosen Jeff Rosen

    I was rooting for Earl but in that hit that they argued over, it definitely hit the nine first,

  6. David Rice David Rice

    I don't like having the opponent rack up.  It's a waste of time for the shooter to have to double-check the rack, not to mention stressful & humiliating for the racker.  Better for the breaker to rack his own balls.

  7. jefft217 jefft217

    clean shot winey mike

  8. Max Watson Max Watson

    Mike should change his last name to "I'm a little bitch with a fat head"

  9. bob733333 bob733333

    It was a clean hit at the end..

     Also a killer jump shot at 4:50:40

  10. bob733333 bob733333

    Funny when pros hit too hard. haha– Don't hit hard if ya don't need to. Scrubs.

  11. Ajlindy 1 Ajlindy 1

    OMG… They need to put a shot clock on Johnnys ass. He is ridiculous, always picking lint off the table,, how bout not taking for ever to shoot. Johnny is hands down the most boring player ever.

  12. James Kelley James Kelley

    wish I could play like that, working on it

  13. Omahabigbill Omahabigbill

    Can anyone tell me the name of the woman commentator, and what is Devil Dave's last name? Thanks.

  14. Patrick821 Patrick821

    Earl's shot on 4:40:20 was a good hit, the 1-ball got hit twice, even when I downloaded the video and watched it frame by frame it was very difficult to see. The 1-ball hit very thin, then the 9-ball and then the 1-ball again.


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