Merry Christmas with Santa letters, deer food and magic

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If you're wondering how to have a great Christmas without spending a lot of money, start with the idea of ​​Santa's letters. This simple idea can have a huge impact on how you make Christmas. First of all, children associate Santa Claus with Christmas. And when the children write letters to Santa, they are sure to "shed the beans." about their secret desires and desires.

This is how Santa's letters can help parents. Think about spending a family night aimed at a real connection. Plan ahead and have a full arsenal of writing materials for children. You will want to have beautiful paper on hand, as well as various types of signs, colored pencils, pencils and pens. Glitter is always important when writing letters to Santa, and you can also find small holiday stickers that you can add.

Another great idea is to have a few presents for Christmas or old Christmas cards. They can be used for children to cut out some images that can be pasted on their letters and envelopes. But for family time you need great snacks. After all, children can develop an appetite when driving behind the wheel to come up with great things to say to Santa!

Snacks should also be planned in advance. You could go for something that will be on a festive theme, for example, special Christmas cookies, or you may have a favorite family, for example, pizza rolls or just chips with sauce. The idea is to make time special for your family.

If the evening is scheduled correctly, you may have Christmas songs on the stereo and maybe even a favorite holiday movie with which you can finish the night. And depending on your children, making Christmas crafts can be a fun addition to the evening.

This is also the right time to prepare your own food for reindeer. You can use your imagination with this, but one recipe is just oatmeal and shine. Other dry ingredients, such as rice and grains, are also excellent deer food ingredients. Just add food to the zipper bag and shake. Then, on Christmas Eve, you can add magical deer food to the bowl that is waiting for Rudolph and other reindeer.

These are really little things that make Christmas magical. Writing letters to Santa and creating Christmas articles with your family is a great way to create memories that will be stored for many years.

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