MAHAMUDRA UK WEEKLY CLASSES. Mahamudra Brazil is a Philosophy of Life. It is a Human Development method focused on the constant evolution of being. The goal is to extract the best from each person regardless of who it is. For this, we seek to level, balance and evolve the health of the three pillars: BODY, MIND and SOUL. Our training techniques consist of yoga, functional training, martial arts, gymnastics, aerobics and circuit training all combined in one package. We will have a full hour of work-out and 30 minutes of relaxation Yoga and lots more, so stay tuned for updates. PLS REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR MAT 🙂 Everyone (Men, Women) at any age and any level of fitness is welcome!!! The MahamudraBrasil LifeStyle is in London to STAY!!! Your presence is important for you and for us! Call your friends and Let's enjoy it together!! Follow us on intagram for more updates: Mahamudrauk Mahamudra team Uk

at St Saviour’s Church
St Georges Square Lupus Street
Pimlico, United Kingdom

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