Loss of vision – terrible but realistic possibilities and ways to avoid them

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Loss of vision can be catastrophic. Sight is one of the most beautiful gifts. It allows us to enjoy the beauty of this world. For most people, it may be too much to grab this gift suddenly. However, if such a thing happens, then there is very little work to get up and deal with it.

Sudden vision problems may prove to be very limited. It takes a lot of time and psychological adjustment to deal with them. However, loss of vision is a gradual process. It can be invented or at least slowed down by timely eye testing and treatment. Sudden blindness is rare. It only occurs in acute illnesses, strokes and accidents. Most of the time, blindness is a gradual process. Early detection of problems with the help of an eye exam and an ophthalmologist can help improve vision or at least slow the progression of the disease.

  Some diseases that can seriously damage your vision are:

Macular degeneration
Macular degeneration is an age-related problem that causes central vision loss. Patients with this problem face problems when performing even simple tasks. Activities such as safe reading and crossing the road have become a challenge. Eye tests can help detect the condition early. It can slow the progression of the disease.

Cataract is one of the most common age-related visual impairments. It can cause the lens to turbid. The patient felt glare sensitive and blurred vision. Your ophthalmologist can help you fight cataracts. Simple cataract surgery can restore your vision.

Glaucoma can damage nerves that connect the eye to the brain. It may cause tunnel vision or complete vision loss. Early detection is crucial. Acute glaucoma can even lead to sudden blindness.

Diabetic retinopathy
Diabetic retinopathy is caused by diabetes. It can cause blurred, mottled and fluctuating vision. Regular eye exams are necessary for early detection and reduction of vision effects.

Retinitis pigmentosa
Retinitis pigmentosa is a progressive hereditary eye disease. In the beginning, patients may face night blindness. Sadly, there is no cure for this disease so far.

Stroke is the main cause of blindness in one eye. A stroke usually causes hemianopia. One side of the brain is damaged and causes one eye to lose sight. This loss of vision is permanent or irreversible.

Regular visits to your ophthalmologist can help you control your vision loss. A comprehensive eye test helps to assess eye condition in a timely manner.

Sudden vision problems or partial loss of vision are shocking. You must not take it lightly. If left untreated, you may end up losing your vision completely.

Sudden blindness is shocking. Even simple housework, such as dressing up and cooking, can be difficult. Even if you meet basic needs, people can start to rely entirely on others.

For such a person, it may not be the end of the road. Even in the case of severe vision loss, patients can improve function by following low vision aids.

  • Lens filtering light

  • Telescopic glasses

  Magnifying glass

  • Manual magnifying glass

  • CCTV

  • Reading prism

These devices can help with vision loss. They are more powerful than regular glasses, so patients can get functional vision. Your ophthalmologist can advise you on your best low vision assistance depending on your situation.

Vision loss can revolutionize life. Gifts that you will never cherish will suddenly become the most important. However, you can't get it back. Not achieving this or slowing down is the best option you have. Regular eye exams and consultation with your ophthalmologist can help you.

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