Looking For A Badminton Court In Singapore

If the Asian games have given you inspiration and you have decided to jump on the badminton bandwagon then this article will list out the possible places where you can find a badminton court and start serving. There are many in Singapore, but choosing one is really down to location, availability and your budget – especially your lifestyle.

Condominiums. There are plenty of condos in Singapore that allow you to play badminton in their courts but of course the catch is that you either have to live there, or know someone who lives in the condo. Usually, badminton courts in these places are very well maintained but the only problem is that booking can be a problem. Since it is one of the more popular sports due to its easy learning curve and fun factor, many people will be wanting to play, as a family, or even retirees. If you are willing to wait and plan your schedule around your badminton game times, then by all means, but this should only be a last resort if you really cannot find a place to play.

Country clubs. This is the expensive way to play badminton and usually not a viable option for those who are just casual players. Country club memberships can run as high as a few thousand dollars a year and I really don’t think that causal players would want to spend that kind of money just to use a badminton court on the weekends. If you already have a country club membership or know someone who does, then its fine. But for the rest of us, it is not a good option.

Singapore sports clubs. These national sports centres and gyms are one of the best ways for anyone to pick up a sport, especially badminton. They are located almost everywhere in Singapore, in sports clubs, gyms and community clubs and their sheer numbers make it easy for anyone to start playing. Booking is also a breeze – especially if you live near one and all you have to do is call and book. It is also extremely cheap, with some of it being just a mere $ 2.50 an hour to rent a badminton court and you can have up to 2 hours of fun at a time. The only problem that I see is that many people might be queuing up to play badminton and you might need to book in advance. You might not get the spot that you want and you might end up waiting for days. But this is perfect for the casual player who wants to get in his or her 2 hours every few days.

These are just some of the examples of badminton courts in Singapore where you can play. Whether you are a hardcore player or just a casual player, there is always a place for you. It also depends on how much you are willing to spend and how flexible your hours are, especially when issues like work and family come into the picture.

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