Locals Night feat. Sweet HayaH

Locals Night feat. Sweet HayaH
HayaH is the Arabic and Hebrew word for “life", and Sweet HayaH has a lust for life that pulsates through the music they create. Sweet HayaH is a high-energy festival band, but don’t think that the sweetness makes them pure sugar. There is genuine musical complexity layered into their Rock-Soul-Funk blend, and if there was to be one band to represent the diversity of culture and exuberance found in the Bay Area it would be Sweet HayaH. All of the members of Sweet HayaH were first Bay Area musicians in their own right, and since they converged the band’s reach has grown bigger and bigger. Sweet HayaH has kept up an impressive touring schedule and taken their high energy live show all over in 2015-16 including a run to SXSW. 

Through their live and studio performances, the group’s dynamics and interactive nature continue to invite more sweethearts to join in the celebration of life.

Sweet HayaH consists of: Nehal Abuelata – Lead vocals, keyboards/ Devin Moreno – Guitar, vocals /Aaron Marquez – Bass / Josh Gardner – Drums, vocals / Brandon Garcia – Trumpet, vocals / Kosuke Okamura – Percussion
Two Showtimes (7p and 9:30pm)(

at Blue Note Napa
1030 Main Street
Napa, United States

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