Limo Service Make Attending Events Even More Special

There are several occasions in life that demand the opulence of limo rentals. Portland high school students that are attending the prom can pick up their date in style as they are driven to and from the dance in a stretched limousine. Showing a flare for the dramatic the stretched SUVs are an impressive sight as they take to the streets of Portland to deliver a group of friends and their dates to the senior prom.

With a selection of cars to choose from the most popular arrival is the 270 inch super-stretched Hummer limousine that turns heads wherever it is seen. With room for up to 25 passengers the super-stretch is a formidable vehicle that will be forever remembered by anyone that has the opportunity to show their date the incredible luxury of the longest limo in Washington.

But proms are not the only place that limos can be found. On a wedding day there is often a limousine waiting to take the bride and groom to their hotel from the church or reception center. Adding to the elegance of the day brides that are delivered to the ceremony in a limo can feel like the princess that they are as they prepare to make vows with their husband. Even though a wedding is a special occasion that demands limo rentals, Portland residents do not need a specific reason to rent a limo for the day.

While there are celebrities that come into town and demand they be driven from the airport to their hotel or a concert in style, the average person can find that on occasion they can hire limo service in Portland to take them out for a romantic evening.

Marked by the luxurious arrival of limousines Portland events that are attended by the well to do high end charity balls and fundraising events are often graced with the appearance of a stretched limousine that has the eye catching attention of being a large and prestigious ride for someone that is going to make a contribution to the charity.

Rolling out the red carpet every once in a while is a great way to keep the excitement of a relationship going. On an anniversary or just because a man can call for the limo services in Portland to pick up his wife and deliver her to a restaurant where they can share an intimate dinner before being chauffeured to a symphony recital and then off to a hotel for a romantic interlude. Indeed there are many occasions that present the possibility of riding in a limousine that makes life a little more rewarding when someone else is behind the wheel of a super-stretched limousine.

Wherever you go, travel in style in one of our exotic car rentals or limo rentals in Portland surrounding areas. (

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