Learn the Basics of Slow Dancing

Slow dancing is considered to be very romantic. No matter what type of music you like, generally there are some slower songs tossed into that mix. Therefore it is a good idea to learn the basics of it. Traditionally the male is the leader so naturally he will have more responsibility. A woman simply needs to follow him in order to look good out there on the dance floor.

Of course some women take the lead when it comes to slow dancing so that is something to be debated. Some people assume that the person who asked for the dance is the one that should lead. There is really no right or wrong with this so don't turn it into a power struggle! The female will place one arm on the shoulder of the man and likely hold hands with the other one. His second hand will be on her waist area. The amount of space you want between you depends on your relationship.

If you have been asked to dance by someone you barely know, you will likely want to have some spacing between you. When you are slow dancing with someone you have a relationship with it is natural for you to want to be very close to them. Do what feels right but make sure the other person you are dancing with is comfortable with it as well.

If you have been eying a particular man or woman all night long, then a slow dance can be your chance to get to know them a bit. At the very least you will get to dance with them and be very close with them. It is a great way to determine if there is any spark at all. At the end of the dance you can either offer them a drink or you can go your separate ways. Nothing has to be awkward.

You want your movements to be to the beat of the song so you need to find it. Now, some people are just naturals when it comes to music and dancing. For others though they have to really listen to find it. Don't be intimidated if you fall into the second category or let it prevent you from enjoying some great slow dancing out there.

You will be moving on the dance floor is a slow circular motion. You want to make sure you aren't going too fast. That can happen if you are very excited to be dancing with a particular person or you are nervous. To help, you can talk to the person you are dancing with. Some people around you will be kissing, so again it depends on your relationship with your partner if you want to engage in that or not.

You can add some fun to slow dancing if you want, it doesn't have to be completely serious all the time. You can sing to your partner if you love the song or you can add some twirls and dips as you move along to the music. You want slow dancing to be fun to don't be rigid during it.

For many people, slow dancing is better than fast dancing when they feel like they don't have any rhythm. No matter how the dance goes, remember that it will be over in a couple of minutes so make the most of it. Always graciously thank your partner for the dance as well. At most events including weddings you will find that there are plenty of great opportunities for slow dancing. Don't let them pass you by!

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