Laozi – "Give a fish, feed him a day. Teach a person to fish, feed him all his life"

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Back in ancient China, between the 4th and 6th centuries BC, Laozi was the founder of Taoism, the mysterious way ' or ' path' since then many people have followed.

What followed was a lot of slang that he changed his name.

The most famous one is the one quoted above, "Give one person a fish; feed him one day. Teach one to fish; feed him for a lifetime", which is a good analogy to today's modern management world.

Feeding someone is enough to get them to spend the day, and just a day's metaphor suggests that people can only get help so far. If we have been helping them and doing things for them, then they are on us, not only because their skills are not healthy, but if we don't help them one day, their future is potentially dangerous and risky.

For a long time, we rely entirely on support, guidance and even the principles of others, which are typical of many modern management environments. Old-style command and control ' management processes cause employees to be asked only to do what they are told, which puts tremendous pressure on those who are telling.

Not only that, but employees are not motivated and are not required to challenge themselves mentally, which often leads to loss of motivation, higher absenteeism, and the mobility of such boring employees.

Lack of stimulation = boredom = frustration = leave to find something else.

Let's take a look at the other side, where we teach a person to fish#. This person is not only self-sufficient but also able to survive without being provided, but he has a sense of accomplishment and accomplishment. How good do anglers feel when they fish out of the water?

It’s better to put a person generously in front of him, just to eat. Of course, providing a period of time may be good, but the human mind is bigger than a healthy person. People need to be valued who they are.

So – we teach them fishing #. In the workplace, by teaching new skills to people, we verify who they are and what they can make. They know that they are useful and valuable, and with this letter they know that stretching themselves is good. They have their own untapped resources and showcase the potential they have always had and are now released.

It is indeed "teaching them to go fishing." Not only are they aware of the material potential they have, but they also catalyze their greater capabilities. Their developing muscles have been stretched and exercised, so it becomes bigger and more capable.

What are the benefits of the business in order for our employees to go fishing? Then, managers can unload some of their tactical work to those who like this opportunity. This allows managers to do more with more people.

A workplace environment that provides a hotbed for employees who are capable, loyal and excited, and trains on the belt to do more. Managers make their business a reality before developing a mix of ideas and abilities.

In the business world, good management is an at least effective [and sometimes better!] operation that is considered the purest quality when a manager is absent.

As this level of competence increases, all of this is because the manager teaches his staff and how to fish, and the business flourishes.

If Laozi rushes to see how important his novel is in today's business world, like how many years ago, how old would smile!

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