Koi fish, cherry blossom and lotus tattoo – full text of Japanese women's design

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Japanese tattoos of almost any style look very hot right now. Tattoo trends are indeed changing every year, and the popularity of Japanese tattoos has really risen in the past few years. With the rise of female tattoos, this seems to be the two biggest trends on the market, and the two trends are beginning to combine. There are many women, women and women out there who get some pretty pink Japanese tattoo designs, including big Japanese sleeve tattoos, big backs and even more delicate and cute legs, hips and ribs. So what do these designs mean? What is the symbolic meaning behind them anyway?

While the symbolic meaning behind any tattoo is not a hard or fast science, this symbol always means one thing, and some common understanding can be used. Symbols at different times and different people mean different things. So the symbol that used to be a bad thing can now be worn as a badge of courage. However, for popular designs that are of most interest to women, these are some of the more common meanings of Japanese tattoos.

Koi fish tattoo symbolism

For thousands of years, Koi fish has been a part of the Japanese soul. Even today, there is hardly a temple without a small Koi pond filled with these majestic fish. The original legend may have come from China, but it has been passed down for thousands of years, and the Japanese now believe that it always exists. In any case, Koi fish is considered a strong, strong and independent fish. The story says that the fish are upstream and upstream [which is why they often draw], and if they are strong enough and have enough power, they will reach the highest gate, and once they pass it will become a dragon and fly powerfully Enter the sky.

The symbolic meaning of most Japanese is strength, strength and loyalty to oneself. This is good for many women who want to strike and feel their strength and independence today.

Cherry blossom tattoo

Cherry blossoms have always been an important symbol of the Japanese. In fact, it may be one of the most important symbols in culture. The samurai warriors once wrote poetry and special art to capture the essence of cherry blossoms. In fact, in many ways, samurai believe that cherry blossoms are a symbol of their lives. Cherry blossoms appear in the cold year. It is very beautiful but also very short and will soon fall off the tree. Therefore, samurai also believe in and feel their lives, they must live there every day, just like their lives, without any fear of death. Many people have heard a popular saying that a warrior will wake up in the morning and quietly say to himself today that this is a wonderful day. This does not mean death, but the desire to fully enjoy life in life. This has become a symbol of tattoos and is equally popular with the design of koi fish.

Lotus tattoo

Another popular symbol of Japan is actually the lotus flower of Asia. Religion telling lotus is of great significance in the history of India. The power, symbolism and influence of this flower spread to Asia along with the Buddhist religious system. Many people think that lotus is the best way to represent the journey of life. The flower begins with a subtle bud in the muddy part of the bottom of the water. It slowly pushes to the ground, reaches out to the sun, and then blooms into a beautiful flower as soon as it hits the top. This has always been a symbol of the journey everyone must experience when they get enlightenment. Therefore, you will often see lotus flowers in many religious works of art, but it has become a very popular symbol of life, it is full of challenges.

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