Kids and Scuba Diving

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  1. Hafiz Siraj Hafiz Siraj

    U can sign language in sea because it visual only

  2. David Game plays David Game plays

    I came 10 couple weeks ago and I came a diver cuz it was my dream

  3. Cool Guy Cool Guy

    where is it?

  4. TheTravelBugBite TheTravelBugBite

    What a great video! I've always been scared of scuba diving, but your video made me want to try it. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  5. Collect Moments Collect Moments

    Hey awesome channel and video !! Cute kids, subbed right away 🙂 and we defo have to try diving on our next trip 🙂

  6. Travel Gretl Travel Gretl

    Haha, love it how the fish are always moving from left to right, all together. Cool to go diving on this age 😀 Looks like a really fun day and sure you'll do this more often 😀

    It's the first video I see of you, love what you're doing!! Keep up the good work!

  7. Four Dirty Feet Four Dirty Feet

    This is awesome. Really great way for children to learn about the environment. Educational video. We love scuba diving 🙂

  8. Gab & Maya Backpacking Gab & Maya Backpacking

    Wooow! We want to take scuba diving lesson now! SUB FOR LIFE!

  9. One2Travelue One2Travelue

    I just done my dive training so much fun! Only been to 15m but really enjoy it. Thanks for the upload!

  10. kritidipta lahkar kritidipta lahkar

    i also want to try this scuba diving…esp to get rid of my fear of underwater ….your video is awesome and cool….really admire your way of grooming your children and making them confident early in life…

  11. foovler foovler

    Always wanted to dive, one day. Great video.

  12. Journal of Nomads Journal of Nomads

    Awesome video!It's so cool to see a first scuba diving experience from the perspective of a kid!Really felt the emotion when she was about to do her first dive in the sea!Super well filmed and edited!Love it!

  13. CupofTJ CupofTJ

    This is the first video I've seen of yours and wow! So professionally made and omg you are all so adorable <3!! Beautiful family.

  14. Look Who's Blogging Look Who's Blogging

    woah, this looks so much fun!!! I wanna take my kids to do it!! found you thru the travel group!

  15. KiwiRugbyTravelStories KiwiRugbyTravelStories

    I'm so scared to go scuba diving the fear of getting decompression sickness puts me off!

  16. Mathieu Couture Mathieu Couture

    well done and well filmed ! make me want to jump in the water again…

  17. Ghada Itayem Ghada Itayem

    That looks so cool and fun I wish I could Sometimes you could tuch a shark

  18. Kerry M Kerry M

    This is fab. My 10 year old daughter had flat out refused to consider diving until I showed her this. She saw how excited your daughter was and now wants to try. Thank you

  19. Axel Marte Axel Marte

    i really want to try this


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