Key factors for the successful establishment of criminal defense lawyers

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Many believe that a good criminal lawyer is a positive, sometimes even a lawyer who puts pressure on a prosecutor or judge. This belief may even include the idea that a successful criminal lawyer uses drama and deception to win in court. This is not the case.

Undoubtedly, this view is at least to some extent influenced by many primetime American TV shows, which are characterized by awkward lawyers who pull wool through the eyes of judges and jurisprudence, or strongly demand that prosecutors “reach an agreement” ". However, in the real life of Canadian courts, there is a good criminal lawyer who needs four factors to successfully defend clients against criminal charges.

1] Legal knowledge and experience;

  2] the fact that the case is thoroughly prepared;

  3] Being able to eloquently attract both;

  4] Persistence [not positivity] to achieve successful results.

Legal knowledge and experience

This is probably the most important factor. In order for a good criminal lawyer to quickly think about and deal with any issues that arise in the court or any questions the judge may have, you must thoroughly understand all aspects of the law that apply to a particular allegation. The ability to respond effectively to these questions not only satisfies the lawyer's judgment of the answer, but also convinces the judge that the lawyer knows what he is doing to protect the client from criminal charges. In addition, at the end of the trial, a solid legal argument can make the difference needed to win the case.

Thoroughly prepare the facts of the case

Understanding the content of the police, expert witnesses and civil witnesses to testify, as well as any other evidence against clients facing criminal charges, not only allows a good criminal lawyer to prepare for an effective cross-check, but also provides an advantage. Being able to respond quickly to the opposite of what the witness said in the police or in previous testimony. If the facts are actually remembered, then a good lawyer can use contradictory evidence, which may be helpful to the client. Thorough preparation of the facts of the case is an important factor in the successful elimination of clients facing criminal charges.

Be able to argue eloquently

Familiarity with the law and facts is an important basis for any defense. Being able to combine the two through eloquent arguments is the reason why a good criminal lawyer succeeds in court. It is absolutely beneficial to try to deceive the prosecutor, judge or jury to achieve a successful outcome. The argument for winning is a knowledgeable, eloquent and persuasive argument.

Persistence of successful results [non-aggressive]

It is easy to confuse persistence with aggressiveness. There is a big difference. Whether inside or outside the court, aggressive behavior only puts people on the defensive and extremely alienated judges and juries. However, at the end of the day, when you get a successful outcome, sticking to the position of defense in every reasonable opportunity, combined with the three factors listed above, can be very effective.

With these four factors, an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can take advantage of opportunities to successfully represent clients at all stages of a criminal case.

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