Karen CHEN ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2017 Ladies – Short Program


Karen CHEN  ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2017 Ladies - Short Program

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  1. Da- Vit Da- Vit

    What a great performance and what a bitchy comments from Russian commentator, so typical.

  2. Yume Craft Yume Craft

    wow…. came here after watching yuri on ice!! this is so good..

  3. eurocamp 25 eurocamp 25

    Lovely performance.

  4. Joseph Ondercin Joseph Ondercin

    An absolutely gorgeous skate first time at Worlds. Her lutz is the best of any woman currently; perfect technique with soaring height and it travels a huge distance. Her jumps need no further embellishment. Her artistry is sublime. Her component elements are among the best. No flash in the pan her. She may be a little late to the current ladies singles party, but she has definitely arrived. Next season she will be a threat to everyone.

  5. Shalom W Shalom W

    Her hand gestures feel like they were inspired by the traditional Chinese peacock dance 🙂 She has both the artistry and the technical skills. Love watching her skate. She is so expressive.

  6. PJ ChJ PJ ChJ

    Music so wonderful ,great spin

  7. Nahanni-Yukon Nahanni-Yukon

    Someone asked me , why I love to watch Ice Skating,,, , was it for the Music , was it the Movements , etc. ?? My answer as so many of us, would say ..
    Yes , to all & the etc.'s … The Music ,Plays much into the Movements of Interpretation of Skating to the piece of Music chosen , to me it is Ballet on Ice !!
    The Skill , involved, the hours out of the Skaters Lifetime from a childhood , the dedication given from them & their Families to this amazing Sport & their coming up thru the ranks of Perseverance …
    To watch each & every one of them , no matter what part of the Globe they come from , they all skate in Peace !! It is a Joy & pays homage to All of them & their dedication …

  8. victoria grant victoria grant

    Great choice of music!

  9. Angie Maniaci Angie Maniaci

    What a great skate!! The music is also beautiful.

  10. Juliet Silvers Juliet Silvers

    look at all that beauty and grace she has packed in that program!!! she looked like she was actually flying oh my god!!!

  11. City on a Mountain City on a Mountain

    Karen you will win the Olympics. No one is close to you. Go back and read my comments from a year ago- I told you then you were the best when the judges didn't know you existed. Now they know you exist but they can't believe their eyes. that's ok- little by little . . . . PS– I competed against your coaches skaters in Spring Fling at Hilltop Ice Arena in Richmond in 1982. I know what I"m talking about! You are the skater from heaven and you're the only one who makes me cry.


    Big ol' cheat on her triple toe loop

  13. sue huang sue huang

    So beautiful!

  14. cecile white cecile white

    Would a Russian speaker please tell me what Tatiana Tarasova and the other announcers are saying when they mention all the past great American lady skaters during this skate please. Thanks.


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