Kai Greene Interview: Is Kai Too Big For Bodybuilding? | Iron Cinema


Kai Greene Interview: Is Kai Too Big For Bodybuilding? | Iron Cinema


  1. Smile Receive Smile Receive

    Was hoping he was going to become the first HOMO body builder. Yes, you read that right. As a gay black man myself (yes, amazing, I know) I was really hoping that this mumbling oaf would reach the top of his "sport" to "represent" us. But no. He had to go "full-homo" and did gay porn, dancing/posing like a damn asylum escapee and painting pictures of cocks. Please. Hardly material for the ultra-commercial bullshit Mr Olympia. Peace.

  2. Turtle man Aka the turtleinatorrrr lolololol derrrr Turtle man Aka the turtleinatorrrr lolololol derrrr

    Honestly this guy usually sounds like such a dumbass talking in circles and just nonstop talking just to hear himself talk, but this interview was really good and he kept to the point/ actually made some points that haven't been said a hundred times before.

  3. Troy Nason Troy Nason

    This should be "is Kai Greens BUBBLE GUT too big for bodybuilding"

  4. dwnboutit289 s dwnboutit289 s

    I always respect kai because he never forgets where he came from

  5. Benjamin Lifts Benjamin Lifts

    Arnold came from a small farm in Austria where he states had it not been for bodybuilding he would be yodeling. Kai Greene, look where he came from and achieved. By virtue of that alone he can stand next to Arnold Olympia winner or not in my book, and his competition? Even in spite of winning a trophy they haven't accomplished half of what he has and they never will.

  6. Robert FrownyJr Robert FrownyJr

    Being too big for bodybuilding is like being too big of a pussy to do crossfit.

  7. Son Goku Son Goku

    this music annoying lol

  8. motivator812 motivator812

    Kai Greene is is a genius when it comes to the "art" of bodybuilding!

  9. Abdulelah Algharbawi Abdulelah Algharbawi

    maan I swear to god everyone is fed up from ur bull shit & bull shit talks.. Stop bitching, shut the fuck up & get ur ass the fuck up on that O stage like a man & battle with real men.. Stop hiding behind them Arnold Classic(s) like a bitch! & get the fuck outta the closet u bitch ass Nigga! No body wanna hear nor interested anymore of what u got to say. Do the work & stop talking (bitching) about it!… U 2014 got pregnant by Phil U!.. That's how mad u made us. The public has spoken! & we not gonna by into ur bull shit no more!

  10. god emperor almighty forefather TRUMP god emperor almighty forefather TRUMP

    just his gut

  11. Alex Stabler Alex Stabler

    Ffs delete the intro. 45 seconds

  12. Dylan Walsh Dylan Walsh

    Please too big ? Markus ruhl Ronnie Coleman big Rammy. Kia isn't their size. Markus was bigger with a smaller waste He's just not that appeasing by the eye


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