Job search skills: stay active

2019-05-14 Sports No comment

Unemployment is frustrating: financial pressure forces you to be disappointed, job search is degrading, and your fragile self-confidence is involved in personal and refusal.

Get up in the morning, take care of yourself, support and love the people around you, become harder and actively participate in job hunting activities.

Here are 7 tips for defeating the blues that I want to get a job but no one wants.

1. Create a timetable for your week: 5 hours a day [maximum] to find a job, 2 hours a day [minimum] to relax, play with others, and enjoy yourself.

2. Behave as if you are still working: usually get up, shower, enjoy regular breakfast – it will keep you feeling and provide familiar everyday and structure in a world that you feel more and more alienated.

3. Leave home. The employer does not call, so it is circulated. Finding a job online can make you feel…

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