It is known that tarragon tea can effectively calm and detoxify!

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Fresh tea, known as tarragon tea, is often listed as part of a calming, relaxing and detoxification program for many spas and health resorts. In many healthy menu restaurants, tarragon tea provides a rich and satisfying meal as the final drink.

This herb is also a fixture for many culinary delights and usually includes its role as a sharp flavoring for salads, soups, stews and sauces. So why not? Tarragon has a fresh, refreshing taste that is reminiscent of a combination of fennel, licorice and mint.

But what is tarragon, what are the benefits of this delicate, bright green herb?

Tarragon is an aromatic perennial shrub that is common in Europe, Asia and North America in dry, warm and sunny areas. The herb is mainly cultivated for its above cooking effects. Tarragon is usually as long as 2 feet tall. Its leaves are long and narrow, and bloom in August. It has long, fibrous roots.

Although it has long been associated with calm and calm, its name “龙蒿” seems to suggest some paradoxes about its perceptual nature. Its name is actually a script for the French term esdragon, which means "Little Dragon." Its official name, artemisia dracunculus, also contains the Latin term for 'Dragon'.

Tarragon's unique refreshing taste and its relative popularity as herbal soups have led many to study the calming and detoxifying effects of herbs.

As early as the 13th century, tarragon tea has been used as a sleep inducer by European herbalists. For centuries, many insomnia patients have combined tarragon with chamomile herbs, which are said to help promote restful sleep. These practices may lead to the use of tarragon tea in modern spas to help relax nerves.

However, in terms of detoxification, tarragon has a solid foundation. Tarragon promotes bile production in the liver, helping to digest and accelerate the elimination of toxic waste in the body.

The main ingredients of tarragon are estrogen and ocimene, and these benefits are possible. In addition to tannins, bitter, terpene and other antioxidants of flavonoids, these are the therapeutic effects of tarragon herb with liver and stomach.

In addition to sedation and detoxification, tarragon is also considered effective in inducing appetite, inducing menstruation in women, and preventing some forms of pain and pain. It is also considered to be an excellent antibacterial agent and an effective barrier against heart disease.

In order to obtain the sedative and detoxifying properties of tarragon, a tablespoon of herbs was poured into a cup of boiling water to make tarragon tea. Allow the mixture to soak for ten minutes, tighten and drink.

In fact, green tarragon herbs are full of therapeutic benefits that help our body achieve a calm balance from everyday attacks of various environmental factors. The famous 17th-century English writer and garden lover John Evelyn may have said the best. He claims that tarragon is "a highly intimate and mindful, heart and liver friend." It seems that he is as correct today as he was at the time.

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