Is Poliquin supplements worth the money?

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We are very busy and very few people take care of our health. It's hard to eat, and to find time to exercise according to our busy schedule. Nutritional supplements can help fight the effects of stress and improve our health, health and mental health. But which supplements are the best, really good value for money? Let's take a look at one of the industry's most popular complementary companies, Poliquin Supplements – and decide if they really offer it.

Let us first compare the Poliquin Supplements' multivitamins, Uber nutrients and the popular multivitamin Centrum.

The popular multivitamin Centrum Performance [120 tablets] retails for $20.99 from Amazon.com. It contains a full range of essential vitamins, minerals that meet or exceed the requirements of the US Department of Agriculture.

Poliquin Supplements [120 capsules] retail for $27.00 and contain a full range of essential vitamins, minerals, and meet or exceed US Department of Agriculture recommendations.

Using cost comparisons, it seems that Centrum Performance is more valuable than Poliquin Supplements, Uber Nutrients. But as a responsible consumer, care about what we put in the body – we need to look deeper.

Check the ingredients and we can check the concentration of each ingredient in the order listed. Looking at the Centrum Performance label, we found that the second most common ingredient is a substance called microcrystalline cellulose.

Cellulose is found in wood, cardboard, paper products, and is derived from the cellular structure of other plants. It is commonly used as a binder or thickener to hold other ingredients together.

Poliquin supplement Uber nutrients do not contain microcrystalline cellulose.

The third most popular ingredient in Centrum Performance products is a compound called potassium chloride.

Potassium chloride is a corrosive compound commonly used in fertilizers, fire extinguishers, and is the third compound in a mixture of three compounds for lethal injection.

Poliquin Multivitamin Uber Nutrients does not contain potassium chloride.

The fifth most popular ingredient in Centrum Performance is a compound called calcium carbonate.

Calcium carbonate is a geological compound mainly derived from marble. Its main use is as a basic building material in the construction industry. Finely ground calcium carbonate is used to make baby diapers.

Calcium carbonate is used by food and supplement manufacturers as a very cheap source of calcium.

Poliquin Supplements, Uber Nutrients are free of calcium carbonate.

Centrum Performance has a slight price advantage over Poliquin Supplements, Uber Nutrients – but purity, safety and my own health – I chose Poliquin Supplements.

Shouldn't it?

Be careful with what you put in your body. This is the only thing you have.

wishing you good health!

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