Is leadership ethics, an Oxymoron?

Although almost every member of every organization might say it, he would want a real, relevant leader, from

ethics from

 And most people, seeking to be elected, selected or promoted, holding leadership positions, advocacy, ethics, we often, witness, the unwelcome, lack of such behavior, the need, the need and deserved! It has reached this point, and many believe that ethics and leadership are from

Oxymorons Because it has become so rare! With this in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, review, and discuss the use of mnemonic methods, which means what and what, why it is important and relevant, and, what, need, and necessary to become a real , the moral leader.

1. from

sympathy; Focus Energy/energy rich; excellence: from

 Real leaders must prioritize, listen, talk and continue, listen effectively, and learn from every experience and conversation, so he can enrich his by appropriately addressing their perceived needs, priorities, goals, etc. Advocate. When he coordinates his efforts and emphasizes him in a relevant way, he will be full of energy, the people he serves and expresses! A great leader, consistently energetic, motivating and motivating his voters, and if/when he asks for his greatest personal excellence, not just talking, – talking, and stability – enough, he It is true, commitment to leadership and the necessary morality.

2. from

timely: from

 For any group, the single biggest danger/threat is to procrastinate rather than consistently, deliberate, timely action, focus on meeting the needs of its stakeholders, not any personal/political agenda, and self interest!

3. from

Heal heroic; Head/heart: from

 Quality leaders emphasize treatment, not confrontation! They are real heroes because they are ready, willing and able to use their logical and emotional components in mind/heart balance!

4. from

Integrity imagination; thought; Thought opinion: from

 We need individuals who choose the level of absolute integrity consistent with their organization's ideology. At the level of imagination, they present, relevant ideas and strategic methods to articulate their insights in a clear way, focusing on common interests!

5. from

character; clear: from

 If our leaders maintain the power of quality and character while articulating their ideas in the clearest way, wouldn't we get better service?

6. from

service; system; sustainable development; solution: from

 Someone is focused on quality service, or he is not a true leader! He must perceive and conceive, create, install and maintain the best system that focuses on the relevant sustainable solutions!

Leader from

ethics from

 Must be the foundation and foundation of leadership, or individuals, should not be leaders! Who are you, completing the task?

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