Is it really possible to cure stuttering?

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Although there are no known methods of stuttering treatment, things that you can do easily change your words and eliminate your stuttering for all practical purposes!

Please note that I did not say "completely destroy your stuttering". It turns out that very few people have perfect speeches. Next time you hear President Barack Obama, you can be said to be the most powerful person in the world, paying attention when giving a speech or interview. If you listen carefully, you will hear that he often stutters, repeats himself and uses the interjection [such as "Hmm"]. However, most people do not think that he is a stutterer, because most people do not pay attention to those words, as long as they are not excessive. The same observations apply to most people. It turns out that very few people are really fluent [that is, they have a perfect speech almost 100% of the time].

That being said, we will soon discover how to eliminate most of our stuttering and blocking events to the point where they are not very obvious. In the rare occasion we experience stuttering, we will learn how to make it sound natural and smooth.

Before we dive into the details, we need to understand how stuttering happens.

Try the following experiment:

Grab the other hand with one hand and make sure they are locked together, as shown on the left. Make sure you hold on tightly.

Try to separate them now, but make sure you don't let go. Keep trying to be as separate as possible, don't let go.

Have you noticed your feelings?

If you don't have one, try a simple experiment again. This time, pay close attention to your feelings. Pay attention to your mouth, lips, throat and stomach.

You will find that all these muscles suddenly tighten and become very tight.

This process is called an effort closure process. This is a normal process and has many uses, such as expressing strength and protecting our body from external dangers. It is also a process that helps us to make speeches! This effort to close the process is also the main reason for stuttering!

When we create air pressure in the lungs and then strategically let the air make a sound and form a sentence, we produce speech. To increase stress, our brains instruct our bodies to use the effort to close the process, as in the exercises above. Studies have shown that stutterers struggle to control and regulate their efforts to close the process. So, for example, we may exert too much or too little pressure or be unable to "release" pressure at the right time.

This is what went wrong when you stuttered.

– You have a struggling voice, such as the "p" at the beginning of the word "PLEASE"

– In order to make a "p" sound, your upper body is tightened so that your lungs can increase the air pressure

– Close your lips and tighten your throat and mouth for a short period of time to maintain stress

– When you are about to release pressure and make a "p" sound, your muscles can't follow the brain's commands

– Your lips are still tight, your upper body is still tight, you are building more and more pressure

– During stress, your body is the only thing that can be done instinctively: trying to close the process

– When the pressure continues to increase and you can't release it, your extreme tension can cause you to yank your head or squint

– You can stay for a while or stop and repeat this process multiple times

– You feel very anxious, nervous, embarrassed and stressed

– Finally, the sound came out, but it was very harsh, you are very self-conscious now.

– Tension still exists in your body, you have to fight with other words

So now we understand stuttering, how do we solve this problem?

Keep in mind the important facts we have previously disclosed: stuttering occurs when there is a breakdown in the end of the effort. Therefore, in order to get rid of unnatural stuttering, we need to focus on learning how to properly implement the effort to close the process. We also need to learn good voice skills, especially the skills that make our voice flow smoother and easier.

But just learning good voice technology is not enough. As a stutterer, we develop poor breathing habits [we usually take shallow and fast breathing], and breathing is an extremely important factor in reducing the likelihood of stuttering. It is also very important to learn how to relax the muscles involved in the speech, because our muscles become very tight during stuttering.

Only language skills, breathing and muscle relaxation are not enough. You also need to develop certain psychological habits that can help you understand the factors that trigger stuttering and can also address emotional issues related to stuttering.

How to conquer your stuttering in 10 steps

– Fully understand how voice works and how to stutter

– Learn how your body performs an effort to close the process and how it leads to stuttering

– Train your body to make the right effort to close the process

– Know how nervous your body is and how it affects your stuttering

– Train your brain to communicate correctly with your voice muscles

– Learn voice skills to minimize the possibility of stuttering [easy to sunset, light touch, pull out, etc.]

– Learn correct and good breathing habits

– Plan your thoughts and make all these techniques a habit

– Break the emotional cycle of stuttering and develop stronger self-knowledge and awareness

– Set new habits in your mind and make all these new habits your second nature

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