Irritable after quitting smoking

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Whether you are still used to smoking or completely quit smoking, you may still have a desire to smoke, the so-called craving for smoking. If you are still used to it, it is easy to satisfy this desire to smoke. All you have to do is smoke a cigarette. On the other hand, if you quit smoking, the urge to smoke may be more challenging.

As a former smoker, I realized that I have a lot of reasons for smoking. One of the most obvious facts is that I am addicted to nicotine. Good old nicotine, it is said that a drop of pure nicotine can kill a person. Nicotine is not only considered a poison, but nicotine is also considered to be as addictive as heroin. Unfortunately, I don't know how addictive it is to addiction until it is too late.

After I quit smoking, the urge to manage smoking is difficult, but not impossible. It is very uncomfortable to smoke nicotine, I don't like the way it makes me feel. The urge to smoke is sometimes very strong, and I often feel that I will not do this. Then I was amazed that I found that if I resisted this impulse, it would disappear. All I have to do is not to smoke, and I try to stop thinking about smoking. This sounds simple, but not always for people who quit smoking or at least try to quit. When managing the urge to smoke, the most common symptoms of nicotine withdrawal I encountered were irritability and irritability.

Because of the irritability associated with nicotine withdrawal, sometimes not smoking, no smoking, I was able to find ways to reduce their effects and spend the day. Walking around the neighborhood seems to be the best. Although I will walk, I will practice slow breathing and this habit is a habit when I smoke. If I can't go out for a walk, I find that by stretching quickly, in my office or anywhere, I work very well to alleviate my irritability. I think the key to controlling irritability when quitting smoking is to find a way to relax and get rid of the idea of ​​begging you to smoke.

There are many different symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Irritable is the main nicotine withdrawal symptom I have encountered. Of course there are other people, but I am struggling to manage my irritability while quitting smoking. I think the type and intensity of nicotine withdrawal symptoms depends to a large extent on the individual and the method of quitting smoking. The urge to smoke after smoking cessation will come, yes, it will disappear. The desire to smoke is less and less, and the longer it takes to smoke. I have been able to quit smoking and temporarily quit for a while. Of course, sometimes it is difficult and uncomfortable, but I am happy to say that I have no smoke, and that I don't smoke every new day, I can better control my irritability.


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