Iodine is essential for thyroid health and life

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There have been many recent discussions in the news about radioactive iodine leaks from the Japanese nuclear disaster. This makes people afraid of it and thinks this is what they should avoid.

Now, iodine is actually one of the most important nutrients for your health, and your body likes to absorb it. It sucks things like a sponge! Many people ignore the importance of iodine for thyroid health and its optimal performance.

Usually this is a good thing. But when we are radioactive water, air or food you consume, it can cause problems.

After the disaster, some people started using potassium iodide supplement, which is an iodine. The idea here is that non-radioactive substances block radioactive materials.

This is a good idea, but the problem is that once the initial fears and worries disappear, everyone turns to the next big problem, and most people stop taking these supplements.

So, what effect does iodine actually have on us? What are its benefits?

Thyroid hormones, etc.

  Iodine is absorbed by your thyroid gland from your diet and used to make thyroid hormones. [I talked more about how it works in the last article]

These hormones are vital to the health function of the body. Without iodine, we cannot make them. Without enough thyroid hormones, our body will slow down and we will start to feel terrible. Insufficient iodine may even cause diseases such as hypothyroidism and goiter, called goiter.

But iodine is not only useful for thyroid health! It is also used in other glands and tissues, including the adrenal gland, ovary, breast, prostate, stomach, salivary glands, skin and muscles.

Obviously these are important parts of your body, but if you don't get enough iodine for these tissues, they don't work optimally and stay healthy. People with insufficient iodine content in the body have difficulty sweating, and are prone to fibromyalgia, fibrocystic breast and PCOS.

It is also important for the brain that the baby develops in the womb. Infants born to iodine-deficient mothers tend to have lower IQ.

prevent cancer

  One of the most important functions of iodine in the body is to prevent the development of cancer.

Its role is to force cancer cells to undergo "apoptosis" or "programmed cell death." Basically, it forces cancer cells to commit suicide.

If you have enough iodine in your body, the cancer cells that form in your body will disappear by yourself or be easily taken care of by the immune system. When iodine becomes lower, it becomes easier to form cysts and nodules in the breast, ovary and thyroid, which sometimes leads to cancer.

Iodine deficiency

  Since the 1920s, iodine has been added to salt to help prevent iodine deficiency. Iodine is also added to milk and bread. It's great, but over the years, they have stopped doing this with milk and bread, and now the news that doctors have given us “away from salt” is said to fight high blood pressure, and many of us avoid eating salt. This means we missed iodine!

Bottom line: Many of us do not have enough iodine in our diet.

Most importantly, certain chemicals we regularly come into contact with can prevent the iodine we get from our work. Bromine [in some baked goods and soda water], chlorine [in tap water and pool water] and fluorine [in toothpaste and tap water] look like iodine to the body and hinder its function.

How much iodine should I take?

  The RDA of iodine is 150 micrograms . This number was set many years ago to prevent goiter, but our understanding of the body has gone a long way! It is far from reaching the level needed to ensure optimal state of the thyroid gland and all other organs and tissues I mentioned before.

It seems that they have discovered this in Japan. Daily iodine consumption is within this range 13 mg [13,000 micrograms] and above. This is closer to the daily needs of the best features.

Where should I take iodine?

  The easiest way to take iodine in your diet is to eat kelp, a seaweed. Species from

kelp Seaweed contains the highest levels of iodine. You can use Lugol's solution to replenish the liquid or pill form. These will provide you with two different forms of iodine balance – iodine and iodine – that your body needs.

Replenishing only one of them [such as the use of common potassium iodide] leaves some organs in the body with iodine. Remember, if you think you have iodine deficiency and want to add iodine, be sure to consult your qualified medical staff.

Until next time, this is Dr. Patnadini, putting "your health first!"

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