International Women's Day – Women's Health Issues

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The theme of the 2016 International Women's Day is “50-50 Planets by 2030: Strengthening the Steps for Gender Equality”. The woman has gone a long way. Their role in society is not limited to reproduction and help for men. Today, she is on an equal footing with men. Until a few decades ago, she did everything she did. She is in the military; she runs a business, leads the country, runs space missions, builds a family, and fights the fair struggle of society. In all of this, she did not give up the marriage and family system. She is still the mother's first woman.

  It is not easy for a woman to make it in this male-dominated world. Not all countries in the world believe that their female citizens are equal to male citizens. In some countries where war is trampled, the situation of women is abhorrent. She is traded as a physical quantity and is worse than an animal. In a more developed and free-thinking world, she must face gender inequality, unequal pay issues and biased medical issues.

Many countries do not value the many health problems women face. There are no gender-specific health care standards. Women’s mental health and reproductive health are issues that have long been awaiting major development. Today, we turn our attention to the ability to understand these issues.

Cancer – Cancer affects women more than any other form of disease, the two most common of which are breast and cervical cancer. It is said that about 500,000 women die of cervical cancer each year and 500,000 die of breast cancer. Most women still don't know about mammograms and breast exams, when and how to take them. In today's time and today, awareness of breast and cervical cancer is very important.

Mental Health – Due to physiological differences, women are more likely to face depression and anxiety in some aspects of their lives than men. Although depression is the most common mental health problem for women, suicide is the leading cause of death. Abuse and neglect are often factors in women's mental health problems. Treatment needs to be sensitive and reflect gender differences.

Heart disease – Heart disease is the leading cause of death. Significant differences in the treatment and prevention of heart disease between women and men lead to an increase in the number of deaths. We should be more aware of the heart health choices they can make and the lifestyles they should live in to lead a happy and healthy life.

Reproductive health and maternal health – Sexual and reproductive health issues are one-third of women's health problems between the ages of 15 and 44. It said that unsafe sex is a major risk factor, especially for women in developing countries. Although progress has been made, nearly 300,000 women have died as a result of complications from pregnancy and childbirth, and if these women have access to family planning and basic services, most of these deaths can be invented.

  HIV/AIDS – HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death among women aged 15 to 44. It says that too many young girls are still having difficulty protecting them from the sexual transmission of HIV and getting the treatment they need. The stigma of sexually transmitted diseases is also a major factor in these deaths. It prevents them from seeking the medical help and advice they need.

These issues have one thing in common, and they are all looking for a very different gender-specific approach to dealing with them. It is about the time when gender-specific research and research begins, and we should have equal rights with men.

  The political and social consciousness of women’s struggles throughout the world is presented and reviewed in a promising manner. Through all the efforts we have made for one day, we are basically turning resources into our health.

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