International and domestic cargo insurance interpretation

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International and domestic cargo insurance returns to the warehouse to collect the goods and transport them to destinations such as ships, planes, parcel company routes, US mail trucks, postal airlines and boats, ports, barges, rail travel and trucks.

The following are common questions from business people about cargo insurance and marine insurance.

Q: I thought my transportation company would pay for any losses incurred during the warehouse or transportation. Am I getting it wrong?

  A: Your goods may not be as likely to bear the same risk of loss as other goods. This does not in any way mitigate your impact on other factors such as shipwrecks, plane crashes or any other disaster, and you are also at risk of a general average loss.

Q: As part of a commercial company that is shipped overseas, I know to sell C.&F. And buying CIF can be insured. Why should I purchase marine insurance?

  A: CIF insurance clauses have serious problems, such as cargo insurance claims with foreign insurance companies. You should also realize that insurance terms have become pale in overseas compared to the United States. If you sell the goods, please pay attention to your status. This is very important before your goods are loaded into the goods. A ship or aircraft is considered a seller and may be responsible for the loss of the goods as they are transported to the terminal or airport until the goods are loaded. This is why it is very important to provide good protection for the goods policy.

Q: What is the reason why my company should buy insurance from US insurance companies instead of freight forwarders?

  A: Freight forwarder insurance is valid only when it is available. Some people call it "only dangerous." This type of insurance does not protect most shipping risks and risks. In addition, freight forwarder premiums are mostly higher. Freight forwarders focus on logistics – not insurance! That's why they can't provide you with the professional guidance and services that leading insurance writers can offer. Leading agents who work directly with top companies have the ability to search through their network for custom marine cargo insurance that best suits your individual business needs. In other words, the US insurance industry's personnel are much better than the freight forwarders' ability to provide tailoring services.

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