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Science contains knowledge gained through observation and experimentation. Science is an interesting topic. Science has changed our lives, just like changing people's living standards. Science is first divided into three categories, such as applied science, pure science, and art/social science [science is included in art]. Science comes from art, such as charts, to show the data after the experiment.

Science has a lot of fun. Science is taught today as a serious subject in the school. No fun is just a simple goal. It is very wrong for almost 90% of students to ensure high scores. Many of the winners who have made great contributions to science and art in this world have been inspired by them, and they are very interested in studying them. People who find fun while studying science are the ones who truly find themselves successful. Today, students see science as a boring subject, especially mathematics. That's because we didn't find fun. Science is a pleasure. It is not as boring and difficult as many students think. This is not our fault, because this is a mistake in our education system, forgetting how to teach science with fun.

Science is very interesting, such as mixing chemicals and estimating the speed of a car, but these problems seem boring for many students, but they can have fun by imagining it in their own way. Because of the type of education system we have now, the imagination has now been completed. This is just a markup, but naturally, the markup cannot define your future. So we should understand it and apply it to our lives. When you do this and others don't, there will be something between you and others. different. Once Thomas Edison said: "Tomorrow is my exam, a piece of paper can't change my future."

Einstein said that "imagination is more important than thinking." So, this means that we must imagine science in our own way. We are like robots thinking in only one way, because our system tells us to do this, which is why we think science is boring. If we start thinking in our own way, just imagine it and use our own ideas to solve it without any guidance, then we will discover the real pleasures involved in science, and once we find it, then everything is no big deal. This is how other successful people like Einstein think about the concept of gravity in their own way. When he knows that Newton told us before but he never stops and thinks about each phenomenon in his own way, he becomes a Famous scientist.

So what we have to do is to think about each solution to the problem in our own way, and then we will find the fun and new perspective of the problem, because there is no such problem in this world and there is only one solution. There is always a lot of solutions to a problem, even better and better. This is our life, we can think of solutions to any problem in our own way.

So from a physiological point of view, our thoughts deal with things in different ways and can be easily controlled. It can be easily deceived, which is why many people think they can do this, but listen to others saying they do nothing. Many students say that science is difficult, math is difficult, but you have to decide if it is difficult. Before you do this, nothing in this life is difficult and simple. We don't have to make things easy if it's difficult, but we have to change our perception of it.

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