Instant mirror reflection of belly dance movement

2019-04-30 Sports No comment

Mirrors are hints of new life, but the importance of practical feedback on belly dance movements is crucial, and many of us will mirror in our living areas as a necessary condition to help practice and rehearse.

At the beginning we used the mirror and we could find luck in the bathroom, bedroom or living room. With the lack of mirrors, move our arms and walk the floor pattern to the space.

Start mirroring attempt:

The small mirror on the wall does help facial expressions.

2. The medium mirror helps to reduce the movement of the shoulders and chest.

The portable full length mirror helps to see the entire body but has little to do with arm movement.

The most helpful mirror I found was the removal of a vanity mirror that leaned against a stable wall. This mirror allows for head-to-toe integrity and the width of the arm can be seen. Travel moves are hard to see.

Mirror type:

The mirror has glass, acrylic and polyester…

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