Infinite leadership: what the leader is eager for

The last minute of cell phone activity roared for our four-day Odyssey as the bus explored the Larapinta Trail in Alice Springs. In fact, you can see the burden of these extraordinary leaders revolving around the thoughts and anxiety of bees.

Each of them spends time from their work and family to now for themselves, in their leadership, not just in it.

There is a sense of excitement when the phone switches to airplane mode and we are out of range. Allow to attend and enjoy the permits offered by the Desert Adventure.

The bones of the experience are some of the spectacular trails that Larapinta offers. There are vast landscapes, secret canyons, hidden valleys, amazing geological and plant life, and the history of the flexible Arrante people who have always been the guardians of this extraordinary landscape.

We slept on the river bed under the starry sky. The Dingo track shows curious visitors at night. We swim in the cold water hole, soaking tired feet and limbs, and gasping under the impact of cool fresh water. The soft, soft colors of the desert are everywhere, bringing busy thoughts back to rest and flow.

We ate very well. We talked about it. We laughed.

In the process, we have leading hot seats, and each leader takes turns exploring their specific leadership challenges and gaining insight from the group. Have plenty of time to contact and reflect.

This was what I found when I talked to them. Leaders are very eager for this, they don't really understand it:

These leaders are doing similar but different journeys through the assurances they receive from connecting with other leaders.

Leadership can be a lonely experience that raises doubts and questions about one's ability, decisions, and abilities to deliver on the promises we make.

How do we know that we are doing the right thing? What majors have we not missed? If we take a position, we will not shoot ourselves with our feet? What do we actually need to pull this down?

Whenever we enter a new role, accept a new project, do something different, we take risks, we are on a new adventure, and we may hide the danger.

Knowing that some people face similar things, incredible comfort.

Here are the values ​​that my Mastermind participants said about their experience:

' I am very happy to contact other people at this level in such a beautiful environment. '

' I learned that there is a process that allows people to understand common visions and values, and we often make a lot of assumptions before we talk. '

' I found this to be not an important goal, but how I brought myself into the journey. '

' I was surprised to find out how much other people care about my challenge. I have other people talking about my problems now. '

' It is such a power to bring people together to share and connect. '

Here you can do something to create your own adventurer tribe:

Contact the people you enjoy on an existing circle or LinkedIn.

Invite them to introduce lunch or coffee.

Tell them that you are looking for like-minded peers to share challenges and perspectives.

Form a tribe and host a secret conversation about each of you.

Leadership is not a separate activity! And it doesn't have to be so lonely.


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