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When it comes to feeding your eyes with the right nutrients, you will think of many different nutrients. Some of these include antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin, vitamins A, C and E, and zinc. Other important nutrients are essential for maintaining healthy vision, as well as nutrients such as cranberry extract. Another important nutrient that your eyes need to keep in shape is copper. What is copper? Copper is an important visual support nutrient that maintains health even when it requires only a small amount to perform the necessary functions in the body. Its functions in the body include building powerful tissues, maintaining blood volume and providing energy to body cells. It also helps maintain a healthy immune system. It is found in the liver, brain, bones and muscles. This lack of trace minerals can lead to anemia. This nutrient also improves and protects your eyes. Therefore, the following are some of the benefits of copper for improving vision health:

Eye Health Benefits: It promotes the growth of connective tissue in the eye and supports proper eye structure. Copper and nutrient zinc should be combined. Copper-containing vision supplements also include the visual nutrient zinc. This is because the large consumption of zinc causes copper deficiency, which leads to anemia. This nutrient also improves vision health and reduces the risk of age-related ocular macular degeneration. Copper is one of the recommended eye health nutrients included in the AREDS study [age-related eye disease study], as well as supporting the vision of nutrients, vitamins A, CE and zinc to reduce the risk of macular degeneration.

General health benefits of copper: This trace mineral is also important in supporting brain function, bone development and energy production. Studies have shown that this nutrient also helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis because it helps promote the healthy development of healthy collagen. Therefore, it can knot joint pain. It guarantees the development of healthy bones, skin, hair and tissues. It also helps heart health by lowering cholesterol levels and preventing atherosclerosis. This is because the lack of this nutrient can lead to heart rhythm problems.

Good food sources for copper include eggs, poultry, whole grain cereals, avocados, nuts, seeds, beans and liver. Nutritionists recommend that you do not exceed 2 mg per day. This is because exceeding this dose causes toxicity and also inhibits zinc absorption.

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