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Everyone is using his own method for patent search. What is the best way to conduct a patent search? Is it a keyword search or a classification code search? People prefer keywords to make effective searches. Some people also use classification codes and keywords for more precise patent searches. For keyword-based patent searches, keyword selection is a daunting task. These patents are technical legal documents and excellent patent attorneys that use technical terminology to deceive competitors.

The first thing is that patent search is the definition of the invention that is being sought. I provided a clear view of the patent to the searcher he was looking for. After understanding the invention, the next step is to select a search term. Choosing the right search term is the most critical part of your search strategy. The key points should be kept in mind which term should contain the search results used to define the invention. These terms should not be a common term for patents. Selecting a generic term for patent search can generate a lot of junk in search results, making it difficult to identify related patents. Very specific and only limited search results; the results missed a lot of related patents.

It is desirable to decompose the invention into elements and identify synonyms, acronyms and related terms. A better word is to identify similar terms for this purpose. Technical terms are also mandatory when doing keyword searches. The choice of similar terms should be based on their relevance to the inventions appearing in the patent. Sometimes similar terms give very ambiguous search results. Therefore, it is better to use this similar term to perform quick correlation checks on emerging patents. Spelling changes in the United States and the United Kingdom should also be considered when selecting keywords. You should also consider abbreviations and plurals to better search for keywords. Using a wider range of classes is also important for effective keyword searches.

Therefore, it is useful to start a web search that gives the basic idea of ​​the present invention and clues to select the correct keywords to search for relevant keywords. You can start a very preliminary patent search by writing down all the words you can think of describing your invention, and you can perfect the final search string based on high recall rates and high precision.

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