Image from page 275 of “Review of reviews and world’s work” (1890)

Image from page 275 of “Review of reviews and world’s work” (1890)
Cruise Ship Reviews
Identifier: reviewofreviewsw40newy
Title: Review of reviews and world’s work
Year: 1890 (1890s)
Publisher: New York Review of Reviews Corp
Contributing Library: Robarts – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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n having in charge the arrange-ments for celebrating the ter-centenary of Henry Hudsons discovery ofthe river that bears his name and the cen-tennial of steam navigation on the same riverwisely decided to combine their efforts andbring about through co-operation a twofoldcelebration truly worthy of such anniver-saries. Robert Fultons Clermont made itsfirst trip up the Hudson in 1807, and it wasat first intended that the centennial yearshould be marked by some special commem-oration, but the postponement of two yearsdoubtless insures a more general participa-tion and a wider interest in the celebration,while the Hudson anniversary considered byitself will be international in character. Thelittle Half Moon, a replica of Hudsons ship,constructed by the people of the Netherlandsas their contribution to the pageantry of theoccasion, has already arrived, and the Cler-mont, reproduced from the century-old mod-el, will be ready to take part in the river pa- 272 THE AMERICAN REVIEW OF REVIEWS.

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jlSEPTUMiiER 2-5 TO OCTOBK I909 Copyright, 1909. by the Hudson-Fulton Cel Com.IOSTER (reduced) HUDSON-FULTOX CELEBRATION. rade that will begin on September 25 andcontinue through the first week of October.It was announced last month that eighty warvessels would assemble for the cruise up theriver from New York to Newburgh on Octo-ber I. Fifty-three of these willbe detailed from the AtlanticSquadron of the United StatesNavy, and others will be sent byEngland, Germany, France,Italy, the Netherlands, ^lexico,and the South American repub-lics. It will be the largest fleetof an international characterever gathered in the worldshistory, and, although made upof war vessels, will fitly com-memorate the achievements ofthe intrepid navigator whosevoyages did so much for the pro-motion of the arts of peace threecenturies ago. Not only NewYork, but every city and hamletas far north as Troy, will haveits share in the celebration. The most sensational event of July in thisfield was the safe accompl

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