Image from page 119 of “Book of the Royal blue” (1897)

Image from page 119 of “Book of the Royal blue” (1897)
Cruise Ship Reviews
Identifier: bookofroyalblue10balt
Title: Book of the Royal blue
Year: 1897 (1890s)
Authors: Baltimore and Ohio railroad company. [from old catalog]
Subjects: Middle Atlantic States — Description and travel
Publisher: Baltimore
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
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tthat sailed the English Channel at the Jubi-lee of Queen ictoria could not stand upagainst it. The fleet that dotted Oyster Bay whenRoosevelt reviewed his fighting arm num-bered but .^5 ships. The rendezvous atHampton Roads, when the great nations ofthe earth sent representative ships, num-bered .^8 American vessels and 12 foreignships. All the fleet which is planned to meet atSan Francisco will be made up of the fol-lowing : First-class battleships J.l Armored cruisers 8 Protected cruisers 0 Gunboats (> Torpedo-boat destroyers <i Monitors ! It has been announced this is a test cruisefor men and ships, and the eyes of theworld are upon the Inited States. Sixteen battleships, 5U(1 feet long, massesof honeycombed steel, with the agility of ayacht; fitted with armor oer a foot thickand shooting l.^-inch shells to the horizonand beyond, sailed on Monday, December16, 1907, from Hampton Roads around the Horn for their 14,ll(HI-mile oyage to THE GREATEST XJfJL CRUISE OF HISTORY. i^

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BATTLESHIP LoniSIAN San Francisco; the torpedo-boat flotilla ha -ing preceded it on December 2. The a:reatbattleship fleet was in command of Fitrht-iiiii Bob Kans. THK KI.OTILLA S ITINERAR. Fort. Arrival. Hampton Roads San juan T)ec. 7 Trinidad Dec. 15 Para Dec. 20 Hernanibuco Jan. Rio de Janeiro Jan. Monlevideo Jan. Iunta Arenas Feb. 8 Talcahuano Feb. 20 Callao Mch Panama Mch. IC.. Acapuico Mcli. 28., Magdalena bay .April 6. . San Francisco (Probably 15..25.. 4.. Departure. . Dec. 2, .Dec. 12, .Dec. 21, .Dec. 31, .Tan. 10. .Tan. 20, .Feb. 1, .Feb. 12, Feb. 25, .Mch. 9, .Mch. 21, .April 2, 190710071907190719081908190819081908190819081908 Mav 1) Port. THE FLEET S rnNER.R . Arrival. Departure. Hampton Roads Dec. 10, 1907 Trinidad Dec. 24 Dec. 29, 1907 Rio de Janeiro Jan. 11 Jan. 21,1908 Punta Arenas Ian. 31… . Feb. 5. 1908 Callao Feb. 18 Feb. 28, 190.S *.Magdalena Bay Mch. 14 *San Francisco (Probably May ll Assembling in the Pacific are three float-inn fortresses, new battleshi

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