If you don't have a plan, you are not a leader!

After more than 40 years of involvement, it covers almost every aspect of leadership and planning, from identifying potential leaders to qualifications, training, development and consulting to more than a thousand, practical, potential leaders, and in many leaders. Service for all organizations and groups, whether in the non-profit organization or the corporate world, I have learned, and strictly believe that quality leadership has never been accidental, only those, ready, willing and capable Create meaningful, relevant, sustainable strategies and actions from

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 Worth considering, as a true leader! With this in mind, this article will attempt to use the mnemonic method to briefly consider, identify, review, and discuss what it means, what it means, and why it matters.

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Perception Concept Priorities planning; program; deal with: from

 Regardless of human thoughts, we can perceive and conceive, we can effectively achieve, go to ancient, proverbs! A true leader should judge according to his views, and these priorities, guide him in a relevant, sustainable way! For decades, I have taught thousands of elements of quality, meaning, leadership planning, and related processes and procedures that need and need to move forward in the most concentrated way!

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listen; Learn; leadership; Lessons learned: from

 If you want to be a good leader, you must be the best and most effective listener, and move forward with the utmost sincerity and sympathy! When a person focuses and learns from every conversation and experience, he begins to develop. This is the most important and important thing for true leadership. The true leader will learn these lessons!

attitude; Qualification note; action; set forth: from

 Many aspects of leadership can be captured, but only when someone continues to advance with a consistent dedication, can they act in a positive and feasible manner! The best attitude, as well as related, developed, adaptable, skill set, and focus on the best path, move forward! When someone is ready, willing and able to clearly and clearly articulate his solution, take a strategic plan and take action to achieve the best interests of the group and stakeholders!

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demand; nerve; Minor differences: from

 When a potential leader really cares, he understands the real needs of his organization, members, and plans in a way that addresses these specific nuances! Therefore, only when someone has the courage to expand their personal comfort zone, rather than simply seeking the same security as the past, should he be considered a true leader!

Leadership planning, sensing and conceiving, creating, developing and implementing the best strategies and actions from

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 , is an important part of becoming the best, most relevant and most sustainable leader! Are you completing the task?

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