Ice fishing tips

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You always want to have all the right equipment before you reach the lake. Here are a few more important things you need for ice fishing, always have proper winter clothing, spare winter clothing, in case you fall into the water, a fully charged phone, so if anything happens you have a way to contact someone if You are fishing alone. You also need a bucket, ice shovel, auger, bait, tipping or fishing rod that you need to solve. You want to make sure you check the list every time you go to the lake.

Once you are out of the ice, it is important to find the right depth. Most fish usually stay at a specific depth during the winter so they can be found more easily. If it's an ordinary lake, you will fish regularly during the summer and you will know all the great locations and depths of the lake. If you are not familiar with the lake, you can jump online and find the lake map, which will show all the different depths of the lake and you can see the depth of the species you want to fish.

Now that you have found the place to fish, you can start drilling holes in the ice if you have some and a few holes waiting for you to fall over when you fall over. Remember to distract your hole. If you put them together, you will worry that they will tangled when there is fish, and some people say that when they are close together they will lose the chance to catch fish because there are too many baits in one area.

You are ready to start fishing. Some people say that you are like a fish in summer fishing. This is not true. You want to make sure you are slow and steady, because the fish won't spend too much energy in the winter. If you want to get your fishing started, you can always pay for it before you start fishing. Sometimes your hole can bring more fish to your area. You can use min fish or wax bugs to get the fish out of town. Always eat different types of bait with you, because you never know what fish to eat that day. If you move your bait or fixture too fast, the fish may let it save some energy. If you plan to catch blue crickets or squid, you can fish at the bottom because they like to prey on the bottom in winter.

Now you have some tips for a successful ice fishing trip. Get off the bus and put these skills into the test. Always remember to be safe and know the thickness of the ice before walking or driving on ice. You don't want to start your ice fishing trip and have to turn around immediately.

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