Ian Stewart's natural numbers

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The natural numbers of the book Ian Stewart, which is being reviewed, are worth reading.

Ian Stewart is the author of more than sixty books. He explained the complex mathematics that laymen found in nature in a very sober style.

He wrote the famous "Mathematical Entertainment" column in the famous magazine "Scientific American".

For non-mathematical readers, this book is a boon.

This book has nine chapters, namely, natural order, what math is, what math is, constant of change, from violin to video, broken symmetry, rhythm of life, scorpion plays God, drip, dynamics and daisies. All chapters have very interesting examples.

In the first chapter entitled "Natural Order," the author explains the amazing facts of patterns found in nature! In almost all flowers, the number of petals is one of the numbers appearing in the strange sequence 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89!

The great scientist Kepler found that if you take any planet-distance cube from the sun and divide it by the square of its orbital period, you will always get the same number. All six planets are the same!

Io, Europa and Ganymede are the three larger satellites in Jupiter. They run 1.77 around the planet. 3.55 and 7.16 days. Each of these numbers is almost twice the size of the previous one. There is an important model.

Interestingly about the Ship / Dock theorem. That is, if you want to change the word ship to the word dock by changing one letter at a time and getting a valid word at each stage, you will find that all solutions have one thing in common: at least one intermediate word must contain two elements sound. Readers will have the motivation to do this puzzle to find out the results.

The pace of life is great. Everything is rhythmic in nature! There are many examples in the chapter "Rhythm of Life". The author analyzes chaos theory in the chapter "Scorpion plays God."

There is a book for further reading so that you are interested in learning more about natural secrets.

It is highly recommended that everyone read this book to understand the secrets of nature or the secrets of God!

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