Hypnosis and self-suggestion

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It is still a mysterious theme – the theme of hypnosis. We are naturally reluctant to learn more about the techniques used in science, perhaps because we tend to consider allowing others to “control” the negative effects that our ideas may have. If the idea of ​​letting another person take over another person is true, then there must be some caution. But of course its main application in treatment and psychotherapy, this is certainly not true.

Great progress has been made in understanding human thinking and the need to bridge the gap between subconscious and conscious thinking. It is necessary to educate people to understand the difference between these two levels of consciousness, where basic psychology achieves this function.

Every science associated with humans develops slowly, from allowing physical understanding of successful surgery to understanding and correcting the mind with the complexity of its emotions and thoughts. Psychology is also slowly evolving, but it has become increasingly important as physical illnesses have overcome and the more subtle disorders of the brain and spirit that have emerged in the mental illness we witness today.

However, psychology is a new science. Fifty years ago, psychologists were rare.

Therefore, even the most enthusiastic researchers and scientists need time to be confident in such a complex problem, and to understand complex personalities and the arduous tasks that plague human psychology. The existence of another component of human nature, the soul, makes this work more difficult, which is becoming a more familiar additional dimension and reality for those practicing meditation.

Psychologists use many effective techniques to encourage people to understand themselves and make adjustments when needed. Under professional counseling and supervision, there are many basic issues that can be easily corrected. Some of the most common examples involve letting patients quit smoking, overeating or other negative health habits. Hypnosis is a tool used to correct many irregularities. This practice is entirely dependent on the consent or acquiescence of patients who participate in the medical hypnotherapy clinic and agree to place themselves in the hands of experienced professionals.

In the past, many well-meaning people have explored hypnosis techniques, and some have reduced their use by using them as a means of public entertainment. This proved to be a negative factor. The serious potential and application of hypnosis is now fully considered, as we begin to understand more about the functions of the brain and mind. We can now use this knowledge to expand our understanding; in treatment; to reposition skills and talent; and even in sports achievement. Regrettably, its application in political and even criminal psychological games is not so attractive.

The basic and powerful tool used to access another person's mind is advice. In hypnosis, we allow doctors or therapists to develop and repeat certain recommendations to re-direct our thinking process.

In automatic hypnosis, we learn to adopt this technique for ourselves, using the same clear thinking, the magic of repetition, and the extra factors we are willing to imagine, which can create the ideal picture of our personal goals. We learn to use our own psychological "muscles", however the same principles are applied by hypnotist therapists, but some will think that in a more complex and comfortable way, this increases our confidence and independence. It is admirable to take full responsibility for your own mind, and this is the only true protection we have about the negative effects around us.

Automated advice can be used for a variety of purposes – overcoming physical health problems, emotional attitudes, psychological habits, behavioral problems, but most importantly, it can help each of us integrate the level of thinking and subconsciousness that together create the heart. The climate allows our own integrity to flourish.

Start by learning all about self-hypnosis or automatic advice. These are the technologies that have been used and are Japanese practices that are familiar to students of Raja Yoga. Information discovered through further research into yoga philosophy and psychology will complement modern psychology information to help you better understand yourself.

General psychology research, the principles of automated counseling, and the successful application of simple techniques will encourage you to learn more about self-help methods before considering any larger issues that may require professional hypnotherapy.

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