Hudson Valley Cider Festival 2017

Hudson Valley Cider Festival 2017
The Hudson Valley Cider Festival returns on Saturday, June 24th at the Barton Orchards in Poughquaq, NY! This premium event will showcase over 50 delicious ciders from some of the best Cideries across the country! Sample the best hard ciders that are available from local favorites to special national brands to exclusive rare options.. you can sample them all! The VIP session is from 1pm-2pm and General Admission begins at 2pm and runs until 6pm. The event will also feature delicious food options from culinary experts and live entertainment all day! General Admission (2pm Entry) - .00 VIP Admission (1pm Entry) - .00

at Barton Orchards
63 Apple Tree Ln
Poughquag, United States

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