How to use the talents and skills of autistic patients

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Most people with autism have some potential talents and skills in certain areas. Parents need to identify and exploit these potential talents and skills to make them self-reliant. If the talents of autistic children can be correctly identified, they can be trained to improve their skills and make them stand out in the field. If people with autism have the motivation to do it, they are also very effective in their work. They can perform any work like a robot. Therefore, if we can get them to participate in the work they like, then they can definitely perform very well, because they are by no means dishonest, hypocritical or deceitful.

We know that autism is a lifelong disability and it cannot be cured. But we can bring some development in their lives. Therefore, our first priority is to go all out to bring some improvement to their lives. After the child is diagnosed with autism, he/she should receive appropriate treatment and treatment to enable him/her to live as normal as possible. Then we need to understand his/her potential talents and skills. After discovering his/her talents and skill levels, we will focus on this area. This will help improve their lives, keep them busy and make them stand on their own feet.

According to DSM-5, there are varying degrees of autism, Level 1 [requires support], Level 2 [requires strategic support] and Level 3 [requires very substantial support]. They have different types of disabilities and abilities depending on their level. First, we must classify children according to their disability and ability, and then provide them with mainstream teaching and voluntary training based on their talents. If we can train them effectively, there are also some children with autism who can use their potential talents and skills to create miracles.

Identifying the talents and skills of autistic children is a huge challenge for parents, caregivers and teachers. An in-depth study of the child is crucial to discovering his talents. This is a long process. After determining his/her potential, it will be easier to deal with him/her. Because children with autism have multiple diseases [spectrum barriers], they should be considered when assessing their potential talents and skills.

In this article, I want to discuss different areas of employing autistic people based on their talents and skills.

Some people with autism have been found to have special abilities and are known as autistic scholars. Autistic scholars are very skilled in mathematics, memory expertise, artistic ability and musical ability. However, we will talk about autism scholars in another article.

Education for children with autism

Teacher education. Level 1 autistic children, who need support, may be able to learn in a normal educational flow. I know some autistic children who study in different schools. They may not be as good as ordinary children. But they can continue their education to a certain class. Even some of them can be put into the normal educational process. It can be seen from the statistics that about 102 children with special needs have been transferred from the different branches of the special education school Proyash to the mainstream of education. There are also other students who have passed elementary school, junior high school and middle school. The overall situation in the country may be better. My son, Ferdous Mahi, has passed the Proyash Primary School Certificate [JSC] exam and is currently studying in the ninth grade. One of the special needs of the child Md Eram is to transfer his talents and skills to the normal educational process, now studying at Faith International School.

Part-time or full-time work. After dropping out of school at any level of education, autistic adults can work in the office according to their own abilities or work in shopping centers, petrol pumps and food courts. But everyone should cooperate when performing their work. Md.Shamiuzzaman Tusar is a special needs person who works at the international chain of Kenya in Bangladesh, Dhaka Banani. Another boy with special needs was found to be an office assistant at Exim Bank in the Gulshan branch. Large companies, commercial companies and other social enterprise groups should come forward to repair autistic talents.

Different areas of work for children with autism

Autistic patients with Level 1 [required support] and Level 2 [requires substantial support] are unable to continue learning or deploying in any of the above tasks, they can undergo skills testing, receive voluntary training and perform certain tasks. Do the following according to their abilities.

Making handicrafts. Many children with autism can make beautiful handicrafts. If they are trained and use their skills to work, they can be very efficient. If their interests grow through any work with different incentives, they can become effective jobs. Many autistic schools and centres are participating in these types of voluntary training for automated children, selling their handmade products and paving the way for self-reliance. Here, we can see some eye-catching handicrafts made by people with special needs.

Make bread and pastries. Autistic patients can be trained to make pastries and bread on a limited scale. The Autism Forum, Bangladesh is conducting these types of training for automatic children to make them self-reliant. Here we can find the special needs of some children working in bread and pastry factories.

artwork. Some people with autism perform well in art. They can be trained by efficient trainers and perform artwork by them. Some organizations like ShilpoProbha can come forward to value their work and motivate them. Different banks, companies or governments can come out to depict the work of autistic children in annual calendars and magazines. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh has performed well by depicting the artwork of children with autism in invitation cards for different programs. My son Ferdous Mahi is very good at art. One of his works has been published on the invitation card of the distinguished Prime Minister, who received a reward for BDT One lac.

Cultural program. Some people with special needs are very good at different cultural projects such as dance and music. This is one of the areas where these children can do well after receiving appropriate training. It is very pleasant to see that a group of special needs people from KARISHMA, a cultural group of the PFDA Vocational Training Center, participated in the 2017 Autism Talent Party ' awarded by Hong Kong International Education Foundation and obtained the best vision Effect Awards ' in the group category of the competition. KARISHMA performed the beautiful Bangladeshi [Amar Desher Matir Gondhe: the smell of our soil] reflecting the culture and heritage of the Bangladeshi countryside. Bioscope, flying kites, farmers in rice fields, flutes, doi [yoghurt] sellers, country wedding norms, hadudu games, picking raw mangoes in kalboishakhi, etc., reflect the beauty of Bangladesh that we insist on. About 13 countries participated in the competition.

Computer typing. Some autistic children are very good at computer typing. They can provide adequate training and can be deployed in office work for computer training only. My son Ferdous Mahi is very good at computer typing. He can effectively input English and Bengali. Autistic people like him can be deployed in this job. People with autism can get jobs in different government and non-governmental organizations to make them self-reliant.

Different works about IT. In addition, some people with autism are good at other IT-related work. Some autistic children can even learn about graphic design, Photoshop, Facebook marketing and programming. If they receive the appropriate training, they can deploy in different IT-related jobs on different IT farms. There are some examples of how smart autistic children maintain their talents and skills through their work in this field. Md Rafid is one of Proyash's autistic boys who have done a great job in MS Office, web design and computer programming. Now he has become an IT idol in the country and has acquired a laptop for e-learning and learning programs. IT department. He also participated in the competition in China as a representative of Bangladesh.

Games and sports. Some people with autism are excellent at games and sports. Even if they are found to participate in a special Olympics keep their talents and skills marked. Many special needs of Bangladesh have earned the country a reputation and fame. Ms. Sadia Akhter Urmi is one of the special needs of autistic features. She is very good at games and sports. She is only 19 years old. So far, she has won 10 gold medals and 3 bronze medals in different international track and field competitions.

in conclusion

Autistic people of different ages have different potentials and skills. If we can train these people through appropriate training, they can become the assets of the country. Some of the individual's special needs have been proven by their extra performance at the national and international levels. The government has a responsibility to let the people of the country understand autism. If the owners of different organizations come forward to sponsor their training and deploy them in different…

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