How to use self hypnosis to achieve your goals

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Self hypnosis can be used to change many things in your life. You can use self hypnosis to eliminate negative emotions associated with bad memories. You can use self hypnosis to eliminate negative beliefs and create new beliefs, or you can use self hypnosis to achieve your goals! So, if self hypnosis is so powerful, why would some people not get results from it?

The simple answer is that they don't use self hypnosis correctly!

In order to get the most out of any self-hypnotic session, you must know why you want to use it. You must have an intention before trying to hypnotize yourself, otherwise the only thing you can get from it is deep relaxation. Set the goal of self hypnosis!

This goal of self-hypnosis should be concise and concise. By writing down your statement of intentions, you can consolidate the ideas you want and make your subconscious mindful. You have created a goal of self hypnosis!

Make sure you don't include anything you don't want in any self-hypnosis program. Let your self-hypnotic goals be positive and successful. For example, saying "I am no longer overweight" or "I no longer have unpaid bills" is not yours and should be your self-hypnotic goal. When you focus on not being overweight, you will think of overweight pictures. When you think of no unpaid bills, you must first consider the unpaid bills. This is true for anything in life, but it becomes extremely important in self-hypnosis!

The mind works with the image! To illustrate this, I hope you can think of your kitchen. Where is the cookware? Do you have a refrigerator? what color is it? Does the door open to the left or to the right?

Can you see the answer to these questions, you have to call your home's visual memory?

Therefore, you must create a written statement that contains only what you want to own, and in any case, can't focus on what you no longer want to experience. The example of using a positive statement is “I easily achieve the ideal weight” instead of “I am no longer overweight”.

By following this advice, you can be sure that the only picture that your mind forms is positive. During self-hypnosis, when you recall these photos, you are guiding your subconscious mind to help you create them.

Now that you have a written statement outlining what you want from your self-hypnosis session, you can be more specific. By creating the specific, detailed image you want, you can re-program it during your self-hypnosis session.

Now read the statement you created and understand the pictures you see in your mind. Make them bigger, brighter and more emotional. Change the psychological scene until it becomes exactly what you want. Keep changing it until it makes you feel really good.

Written statements and mental pictures, as well as positive emotions, will be a blueprint for success in your mind during self-hypnosis.

There are many great self-hypnotic recordings that can be used for specific needs [and many bad recordings], and once you have your intent, finding a suitable one for you should be fairly easy. However, you should try self-hypnosis without recording, you can follow the self-hypnosis script below. Practice self-hypnosis every day until you reach your goal.

Self hypnosis script:

You can sit or sit comfortably before you start self-hypnosis. Make sure you are not disturbed.

To start a self-hypnosis session, look at a location on the wall or ceiling above the eye level. Make sure your head is straight, so you have to raise your eyes.

Now strain your toes for a few seconds, then release the tension and let them relax. This lets you notice the difference between tension and relaxation. Next time you strain your lower leg and release, then release your thighs. Do this for all muscle groups in your body until you relax your face and scalp.

After a while, they will start to feel tired due to the pressure of the eyes, you can turn them off. This is part of the induction of self hypnosis. When you take a deep breath, count down from 10 to 10 in your mind. Then imagine that you have a steep staircase in front of you and then walk into the darkness. Now the countdown is reduced from five to one.

Now imagine that there is a winding staircase in front with 10 steps. Walk down the stairs while taking a deep breath. At this stage, you are in a state of paralysis, and your self-hypnosis is very good.

In this self-hypnotic state, you will write your subconscious mind. Remember the mental picture you created earlier. Take it with you and learn more about it. Now run the image like a movie and see that you are interacting in that scene. Once you start feeling positive emotions into the movie. Walk into the imagination and take over their roles. How does the image of life feel?

As long as you feel comfortable, let yourself stay in the psychological movie. Once you are ready to leave the self-hypnosis state, just count from 1 to 10. Start to realize the room around you and any sound that may be noticeable. Then open your eyes. Your self hypnosis is complete.

Make sure you take the time to self-hypnosis every time. Do this for a month, you can guarantee your psychological performance!

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