How to use passive airflow technology to stop stuttering

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I am a former stutterer and he knows how difficult and frustrating it is to have a stuttering problem. Many people don't understand how difficult it is to learn how to stop stuttering. They believe that anyone can complete a speech with the right role. Therefore, they call us the weak and the nervous wreckage and tend to look down on us. However, I know that this is not the case! Although, learning how to stop stuttering is no easy task. In fact this is possible, so I am writing this article to teach you the passive airflow technology developed by Dr. Martin Schwartz.

Dr. Schwartz discovered this technique by interviewing several people who could overcome the stutter problem. In these interviews, he met a person who told him that he had no stuttering while smoking. Schwartz asked him to demonstrate, so the man lit a cigarette, smoked some cigarettes and started talking.

At first, he just regarded it as a psychological distraction. It quickly hit him, and the answer was actually in the flow of the call.

In short, this is how "passive airflow technology" works.

1. Before you start speaking, please exhale briefly.

2. In the middle of your exhalation, say a word of the sentence you want to say.

Then you can continue to complete your sentence, because when you exhale, you are relaxing your throat and Valsalva mechanism.

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