How to track my family tree?

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One question I am often asked is how to track my English country spectrum? Bringing the journey into the unknown of the past is an exciting and boring mixture. You will encounter misspelled names from birth census to another census, lost ancestors and blind alleys. But when you finally meet that elusive ancestor, the joy of success will stimulate your research.

Just like every good journey, it starts with the first step, so buckle your family tree seat belt and I will guide you through the first important stage. First find any birth, marriage and death certificates, communications, insurance policies, ration books, etc. These will be of great help to you when you start research. Any information that can give you parent or grandparent details. Collect as much information as possible and record it all to launch your tree.

Put the tree on the smallest tree and come back. If you prefer, you can download a blank genealogy map on our website and start completing your genealogy as soon as possible. Record a detailed description of each person. When you find that you want to track back and forth to verify the information, you will thank yourself for taking this action. I can't emphasize this, you have to make sure that your ancestors, not the correct records of others.

Tracking wrong families through the center is a fairly easy mistake because the names may be similar and sometimes the same. I found my great, great, great-grandmother with a detailed dual identity, the same name, born in the same year and the same birthplace. Everyone spent 2 months researching and going back and forth to match the right people! I almost think I can claim that another person is an ancestor, and I finally know him so well!

Your initial goal was to collect enough and validated information to take you back to 1911, where you can delve into the world of census records and begin to open the door to the past. In the census, your ancestors will live for you. If you can't find any certificates hidden in a drawer or box, don't worry, only your parents can use them. Although you must purchase a birth certificate and a marriage certificate, you can still trace back to these years.

I managed to track my family tree and only know the names of my parents and their date and place of birth. I need to purchase my parents' birth certificate so that I can find the details of their parents so they can be tracked at any time. To overcome this type of problem, I recommend that you sign up as a member of the genealogy website and start searching for their records.

My first search was my father's name, date of birth and location, and the results showed all possible matches with my father at the top of the list. I clicked on this link and it took me to the GRO entry he was born with, which in turn gave me the index reference details:

  • Last name at birth:
  • Forenames:
  • year:
  • Qtr : (This year is divided into 4 quarters)
  • Area:
  • Volume:
  • Page:

Every birth, marriage or death registered in England and Wales is assigned by the General Registry. Next, I went to the GRO website (www.gro.gov.uk) and purchased my father's birth certificate. I repeated the same process for my mother.

By providing an index reference, the GRO can find the correct entry and the certificate will be sent to you. You can also purchase a certificate from the registration office, but if you want to learn online without having to travel miles, the internet is your choice.

I sat down and waited for the mail, and it took about 7 days for the certificate to arrive. I opened them with expectations and I was not disappointed. I have all the details of my grandparents in front of me, their names, addresses and occupations. I used this information to find their marriage, which in turn gave me their father's name, which is what I need to take me back to the census record and fly back from there to meet my ancestors.

This completes the first article on how to track genealogy. I will post more articles on how to use birth, marriage and death certificate information and how to use online census records.

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