How to reduce hypothyroidism

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The dog's problem is how to lose weight with hypothyroidism and the answer is not simple, because the condition is always applicable to life and as long as you are alive, you will not escape it, so you will never be affected by the weight. So it must be an ongoing process.

Fat accumulation is not always the cause of weight gain in patients with hypothyroidism. Because water and salt retention does not reach the desired level in patients with hypothyroidism, they are stored in the body and gain weight. When treatment is in place and strictly enforced, weight loss can be guaranteed, but without any dramatic effects. For patients with good response, it may be about 15%. Over time, treatment begins to produce hormones, and it takes a while for the body to adapt to the new condition, and stability can only be achieved after a while. And, only at this stage began to lose weight. When this happens, the affected people carefully screen the food they need to maintain balance.

Foods rich in selenium and iodine, such as seaweed, spinach, avocado, asparagus and carrots, can be used as irritants in the production of iodine to secrete the thyroid gland. Foods that may have an adverse effect on the thyroid gland and the resulting weight gain are yam, soy, cabbage and peanuts. You'd better try to avoid them. These foods can solve the problem of how to reduce hypothyroidism.

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