How To Plan A Pep Rally

There is no better way to raise the morale of a school or college than by organizing a Pep Rally. There are several important factors that should be considered in planning such a rally, outlined below. Factors to consider in organizing a Homecoming Pep Rally are also listed.

First: The rally should be well organized and the program thoroughly planned beforehand. Since the time allotted is usually limited, careful timing is very important, so that each activity is given its share of time on the program. Then costumes, props., special equipment, etc., must be given due consideration and be accessible. The program must be arranged to keep things moving and changing at all times in a showmanship manner so proper rehearsal, timing and planning is of utmost importance.

Second: A good Pep Rally needs more than just a group of yells, some music by the band, and perhaps a speaker and the singing of the Alma Mater. A few special extras added to these regular necessities will make your Pep Rally a “howling success,” which is the way you want it to be.

“Stock” Items for every Rally

a. Yells
b. Talks by faculty, alumni, coaches, students
c. Band or Pep Band
d. School Song
e. Introduction of Coach and Players when they are available.

Planning A Homecoming Pep Rally

In planning a high school or college Homecoming Celebration a great deal of work is involved. Since every school has a different situation those in charge must actually plan the program themselves. The information given below is therefore just an outline of some of the activities that can be used for a typical homecoming, after the date, game and time has been determined.

1. Chairmen or Committees: Appoint the various cheerleaders and pep club members as chairmen. Assign a definite task to everyone, so every part of the schedule will receive proper attention and the work involved is widely distributed. On the more difficult assignments, assign two or more chairmen. As examples of the committees that will be necessary, there should be a chairman for:

Advertising and Publicity
Theme Selection and follow up
Bon Fire
Pep Fest Meeting
Beauty Queen Nomination
Open House and Social
Victory Dance

2. Theme: Every homecoming celebration should be based around a “theme.” All advertising, costumes, decorations, etc. should promote this theme.

The “theme” could be:

Something your locale produces or is famous for.
A musical theme.
A historical theme.
A theme on Science, Navigation, Railroad, Farming, Aeronautics, Engineering, etc.
A cartoon or comic strip theme.
A Western theme.
A “Famous Person” theme.
Pioneer’s theme.
A Circus theme. Atomic Age theme.

3. Homecoming Queen: If you are to have a homecoming queen, she is usually a member of the senior class. She is elected by student vote of the senior class. Her “attendants” may also be elected by student vote in the freshman, sophomore and junior classes. The identity of the “queen” is usually reserved for a special event and crowning at either an Alumni “Open House” the night prior to the game; at the bon fire rally or during half-time at the game and afterwards she is paraded around the sidelines in an automobile.

4. Advertising-: Many things can be done to give the homecoming plenty of fanfare:

Post signs in stores, cars, windows, etc.

Sell “slogan ribbons,” “badges,” “buttons,” etc. to alumni, townspeople and students.

Announce and advertise contestant rules for electing the “queen.”

Use school’s public address system to daily announce the coming homecoming celebration.

Send several “write ups” to your local newspaper and your school paper and ask them to send out a photographer to photograph the candidates for “queen.”

With a little forethought and planning, your Homecoming Pep Rally can be a wonderful success. Have fun!

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