How To Pick Out The Perfect Gymnastics Floor Music For Your Routine

When people think of gymnastics floor they think of how original, well choreographed, graceful and powerful the routine is. They certainly don’t give thought to music, yet they ought to. Gymnastics floor routine music takes on an important and key component in having floor exercise results.

Gymnastics floor music is unique; it’s created specifically with floor routines in mind. You should not select a random song that appeals to you and make up a routine for it; music for gymnastics floor has exact rules.

First, the audio can’t have any vocals whatsoever! If it does, you are going to be handed a huge deduction. I don’t care how terrific the lyrics in the song are, never use it, it isn’t worth reducing your floor exercise score.

You also want to ensure the gymnastics floor music is one minute and thirty seconds in length (ninety seconds from start to finish). Make sure the gymnastics floor routine music includes a wide range of rhythms. It needs to include parts which are fast action along with parts that are more measured so you can get your breath.

Your gymnastics music must include three segments of music that stand apart from the rest; that’s where you should insert your three tumbling passes. You must have your first tumbling pass start ten to twenty seconds after your gymnastics floor music begins. This will definitely start the routine off with a bang as well as set the tone for the rest of it.

Make sure that you place a tumbling pass as part of your floor routine at the conclusion; this is your grand finale! Your other tumbling pass you may put anyplace between the first and the last.

Have I gotten your attention and interest yet? Sure, picking out music is a ton of fun. But you also want to be sure that it fits and enhances your routine as well. Stick to these pointers and you will be well on your way to making a fantastic choice!

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