How to get rid of Lisp – speak clearly and look smarter

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Is there a big headache for having a speech lisp? This is especially true when people start asking you to repeat what you just said. When people start to copy your speaking habits or your voice, it can also be the cause of bullying.

In order to avoid problems caused by lisp, you can do the following.

First, you need to understand under what circumstances you are having a slurred voice. Usually, people with lisp will not always encounter this situation. It only appears in certain periods or emotions, such as when a person is excited or nervous about something. Knowing when your lisp performance will help you avoid this situation and then avoid lisping.

Next, you always have to try to speak slower than usual. If the people around you are beginning to realize how you are speaking, then you need to start very careful. Talking slowly will let you clearly express every word you say, and it will also make you pronounce better. It also relaxes your muscles before you can control them more easily.

The third step is to get the help of an expert. Some lisp situations are extremely extreme. For those who own them, it is best to get help from professionals. Some language treatment programs are provided to correct the way spoken people speak.

If you have completed the first two steps and you are not willing to get help from a professional, then you can try the method of smiling your teeth. This method is a language therapy designed to make the tongue move more freely. The first thing you need to do is smile. Your smile should be big and warm. It should be big enough so your teeth will show up.

Keep the same smile, grab a book and read it aloud. If you don't have a book, make a monologue. This may seem strange, but it is a good practice for your tongue. Whenever you say something loud, your tongue will gradually learn how to position yourself. This technique is when you are alone in your room instead of trying in front of people or they may think you are crazy.

You can also let friends or family help you overcome the problem of slurred speech. Please ask someone close to you to say something hard to say. Look closely at the movements of their mouths and tongues and try to imitate them in front of the mirror. This will help you understand how to properly move your tongue to produce the correct sound.

It may take some time to get rid of the slurs completely, but that doesn't matter. All you need is to practice hard and wait patiently. Do your best and have confidence in yourself, you can go beyond it.

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