How tea has changed my life

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I have been facing the problem of how to do a few things at a time. I tried to stop watching porn, trying to lose weight, trying to quit smoking, but basically wanted to get a healthier lifestyle. Over the years, I have been trying to find this method through nutrition, which is very important, but over time, I have to think more and more about the little habits I have today. What kind of tea do I drink? Almost anything I like… but relaxing with chamomile and waking up with green tea or black tea is great. But there are also Ruyibao, ginger, lavender and many other species. Here are a few ways tea helps me get healthier.

1. It helps me to quit smoking – Whenever I drink a lot of tea every day, up to ten cups a day, my entire system becomes more sensitive, and I find it harder to consider tobacco because it often makes me feel anxious, irritable, and disgusting. If your cravings are out of control, try to have yourself drink ten cups of tea a day and make sure you only use the best water: reverse osmosis filtration or something similar. Even if you are still smoking, I guarantee that if you have been drinking tea, you will smoke less than usual, and tea is completely antioxidant, so it will help your body resist or fight against cancer that you may risk from cancer.

2. This helps me lose weight – yes, when I drink ten or more cups a day, make sure I use big water, it will make my stomach full of water, which makes me want to eat less, when I eat, I eat lighter. Remember that the tea you drink does not have to contain coffee. In fact, you may want to try one or two cups of caffeinated tea, and then make some non-caffeinated herbal teas such as chamomile or ginger in other cups. In addition, you can get green tea extract in the form of pills, if you are taking it, it will help speed up your metabolism and increase your overall health to help you lose weight.

It helps me relax – yes, of course it can do this, it can also help you wake up. If you drink tea regularly, you will usually be calmer, which will help you focus on the tasks of your daily work time. If you choose to develop meditation exercises, it can help you. It can help you stay awake, wake up, and fall asleep, depending on what kind of tea you have. There are so many Buddhist monks drinking green tea!

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