How Many Calories Do You Burn When Cycling?

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  1. Global Cycling Network Global Cycling Network

    Do you keep a record of how many calories you burn? let us know 👇

  2. satya nv satya nv

    bro it will burn the leg fat.
    Iam having gearless how many hours I need to ride cycle to burn the fat

  3. Bingo Films Bingo Films

    Interesting. But you don't talk about the air temperature, that is, if you ride in winter or summer, you surely will not be burning the same amount of calories (considering all other factors equal)?

  4. Paul Murphy Paul Murphy

    You guys looked cold to the point where Matt was struggling to speak.

  5. peanutboy41 peanutboy41

    When it says on Strava the amount of calories you have burned during the ride, does it take into account the extra calories you burn during rest, or does it just count the calories for the ride? #torqueback

  6. Michael Buckley Michael Buckley

    Or you can just get it from Strava, which estimates power, and hence calories burned, from weight, elevation gains, velocity. The calorie estimate will come pretty close to the power meter output. The power meter output is an estimate as well, assuming a particular human efficiency, 25%, I believe.

  7. locotte locotte

    thank you very much for all the information and details on all your videos. i learn a lot from you guys.

  8. Ed Arandia Dela Cruz Ed Arandia Dela Cruz

    How come matt never told his age

  9. Chris Kouwenhoven Chris Kouwenhoven

    There is a big difference in cal and kcal
    In the video they are talking about 777 calories, but i believe it must be 777 kcal (777.000 calories)
    #torqueback #gcn

  10. Fidasaind Fidasaind

    Power meter. For me there are 3 options. Just use a 1:1 on kJ to calories so assuming middle of the road efficiency. There is Training Peaks which tends to estimate a bit low on calories (so assuming my body is fairly efficient so a larger percentage of my body's total work is making it to the pedals) and then Strava which tends to assume a bit high on calories.

    When I enter a ride into MyFitnessPal for calories I use:
    Strava if it was an interval ride
    kJ if it was a tempo or hilly ride
    Training Peaks if it was a casual or endurance pace/flat ride

    Last night I did 45 minutes of intervals on Zwift.
    I used 499kJ. TP said 470 calories while Strava said 570 calories. I put 570 into MyFitnessPal. Had I climbed Box Hill at full difficulty but didn't do any particularly hard intervals I would've used 499. Had I done some endurance pace Classique loops, I would've used 470 calories.

  11. Klwir Qldf Klwir Qldf

    1:43 these are some exceptionally thin thighs for a cyclist..

  12. Secret Sam999 Secret Sam999

    LOL it's a real issue for us lardy boys who need to lose a kilo…or ten…or maybe 15…


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