How did the TV actor I learned learn to dance?

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Now that the relevant season has arrived, I can now share my experience in collecting dances for actors in Australian TV series. from

Wentworth from

 . The reason I wrote this article was because I found actors that other dancers might find useful.

Background – What is Wentworth?

You can learn more about the TV series at the end of the article, but in short, Wentworth is a successful prison drama made in Australia, which is already in the sixth season at the time of writing. I was asked to come in and teach some actors how to dance Argentine tango because they saw the dance. Interestingly, this is the first time I have taught people to dance, but it is not very good. In addition, from the perspective of the audience, the appearance of the dance is more important than technology for the first time. These two things are for an interesting teaching method and may be colored for the next content.

What I learned is

This may be…

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