How Data Science Transforms Human Resources

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Data Science and Human Resources

We live in a world full of data, and the speed of this data explosion can be felt by the fact that all the data in the world doubles every two years. This is so much data that it goes beyond any human ability to store and manage them. Thanks to Data Science, it has become the most powerful technology to take advantage of all of this data and operate it to solve business problems.

Human resources are used more slowly than other industries. But now, companies have realized that this is the best help they can get to spend less time and resources on hiring decisions and analyzing employee performance and engagement.

Application of Data Science in Human Resources

  • Management data: from

    In order to effectively run a company, senior officials such as CEOs, managers, executives and leaders need to understand the situation inside and outside the company. They need information to guide employees in the right direction. In addition, sales data, KPIs, etc. are constantly changing and are always uncertain. Data science and machine learning can help them draw better, faster insights and inferences to solve problems and anticipate future events.

  • Recruitment: from

     Millions of people and new and experienced people apply for new jobs every year. Big companies receive tens of thousands of resumes. Companies must track all the data in their resumes, and with the help of data science, they can create the foundation for the best prospects among all applicants. Companies can also find other information, such as which job portal brings the best applicant type. This makes recruitment effective to a level that cannot be achieved without it.

  • Employee Engagement: from

     Every company wants to retain its productive employees. In addition, research shows that keeping employees happy in the workplace can help the company grow in the long run. This makes it very important to use machine learning algorithms to identify trends and find ways to maintain employee satisfaction and increase productivity. Analysis can help them calculate the correct bonuses and allowances for individual employees.

  • Employee performance: from

     A key feature of HR data science is the analysis of employee performance. Using data science, the HR team gets real-time data from each employee and categorizes them based on their performance.

  • Chat bot: from

     The chat bot is a new computer program based on AI that answers frequently asked questions stored in the database. This not only helps reduce communication overhead, but also monitors common problems among employees.

How to become a human resources data scientist

The use of data science in human resources is analytics and machine learning. Therefore, you must acquire expertise in statistics and machine learning algorithms to become a data scientist. Online training in data science not only provides in-depth preparation in these areas, but also provides important concepts for all the tools used in data science. Through regular assessments, webinars and on-site projects, the course is designed to let students experience all the hot work related to the data industry.

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