Horse Racing – “The Trainer’s Edge”


  1. Manuraddy Mohamad Waddy Manuraddy Mohamad Waddy

    for the last 5years ive been following trainers edge

    I can say it helps me a lot but most of the times my picks does 2nd or 3rd

    if you come and assists a day race in Mauritius you will see its all buisness

  2. Joseph Cerceo Joseph Cerceo

    Ever since I saved "Cody" and was featured on "Pet Stories", an Animal Planet story, I have discovered that my 'Immunotheraputic' Protocols provide serious performance advantages when competing at the racetrack-now favored by the medical community.

  3. Robert Fors Robert Fors


  4. soxbills soxbills

    CIGAR/ Bet him in exactor at Saratoga, it was on the grass, the horse I keyed won but he ran third. He ran twice more on the grass at Belmont then he was switched to the dirt and won 16 in a row. go figure

  5. chalkmonster123 chalkmonster123

    Well only 1 thing that was born in a stable and loved by all (Red Rum)

  6. Shanai Wolfe Shanai Wolfe

    Horse racing is RIGGED and if you're too dumb to figure it out you may as well drive down the street and throw your money to the homeless. Better yet go to an auction and rescue a RACE HORSE from being slaughtered when they stop earning their owner money.

  7. sami hasnain sami hasnain

    hi I am mubeen from India and I am very thanks full to trainers edge it is very helpful for clever pointers and handicappers anc for others it is waste of time…..

  8. Tony Kelly Tony Kelly


  9. Tony Kelly Tony Kelly

    b '

  10. Al Stiga Al Stiga

    hey platoscave911 you are so full o shit……………………I really hope you are not that stupid but I don't have much hope………….


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